ParaSwap DAO - Code of Conduct

ParaSwap DAO - Code of Conduct


All current and future contributors to the DAO should read and fully understand this code as part of their nominations for contributor roles or onboarding process. This document will continue to evolve as the DAO grows and iterates but lays out the basic principles that underpin the standard for ParaSwap DAO’s day to day operations, interactions, and organizational culture:.



  • ParaSwap DAO is a contributor based entity where the valuable contributions of each individual to ParaSwap DAO are subject to fair compensation determined by the DAO itself.
  • We strive to create an environment where everyone feels heard, seen and valued.


  • We will foster an inclusive environment that values and respects the unique perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds of all DAO participants.
  • Contributors will not be discriminated against or harassed based on gender, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, country of origin, age, disability, or religion.


  • All contributors should act with the utmost integrity and collaborate in an honest and ethical manner. ParaSwap DAO will hold all contributors accountable for their actions and expects contributors to hold each other accountable as well.
  • Conflicts of interest should always be disclosed in the interest of transparency. The DAO encourages participation in multiple DAOs/organizations as long as those relationships are not contrary to the interests of ParaSwap DAO. When it is unclear whether a conflict of interest is present, all contributors should take a cautionary approach and expressly state anything that might be interpreted as such.
  • Contributors should understand that taking part in the DAO is a significant time commitment. Where it is not possible anymore to devote the time needed, contributors are expected to explicitly communicate their unavailability and take the appropriate actions.

DAO contributors are to be champions for ParaSwap with a mission to drive DeFi participation to new heights. These principles above will guide contributors to conduct themselves in alignment with the protocol on its path of growth and adoption.

Authored by @Burns, with @0xYtocin