ParaTrooper Nomination - albist

Name : albist / albist.eth / 0xalbist.lens

Involvement with ParaSwap to date / Overall intro

Having arrived in the crypto world in September 2021 (yup, what a timing), I spent my first few months wandering around in a messy fashion trying to understand how this whole big mess works (spoiler, I’m still trying to figure it out).

I read up on this vast topic and realised one thing, the best way to learn is to get involved, to commit.

At the time I was involved in several DAOs, including ParaSwap, which I knew when the token was released.
So I participated in the first months of the ParaSwap DAO by welcoming and supporting newcomers, giving all the help I could, translating the protocol documents or participating in the DAO newsletter, as well as giving my opinion (from time to time wise) during the laying of the first stones of the DAO as we know it today.

I learned a lot and I was marked by those sparkling beginnings!

I was lucky enough to be able to get more involved with BlackPool, an on-chain quantitative hedge fund for digital assets, specialising in GameFi.
There I analysed, assessed and made reports about GameFi projects, managed DAO assets and was in contact with the community, giving all the support needed.
After a few months the adventure ended and I found some free time to dive back into DeFi and especially ParaSwap (which I had never really lost sight of).

What value do I bring to the ParaTroopers / ParaSwap DAO

While ParaSwap works to make the protocol as competitive as possible, the Paratroopers will have the task of growing the community and making it the most positive one possible.
I recognise myself and feel very comfortable in this framework.

Knowing the application, welcoming and accompanying the members of the community to make their experience as pleasant as possible is what I have been doing since I arrived and I intend to continue this role there, Paratrooper or not.

The concept of DAO, even though it is still in its very early stages, is something that resonates with me. And I have always wanted to be part of what has been and will be one of the driving forces behind ParaSwap.
Dialogue and opposing views are what will move the protocol forward, so I will bring up and support the opinions of the community, so that these can be expressed in accordance with the DAO’s practices.
At the same time, seeking and taking the initiative to improve the life of the DAO.

More generally, I think I can bring an inclusive, welcoming to all, and very organised mindset.

Vision for ParaSwap: Where do you see the current value of ParaSwap and where it is heading? How will you help get it there?

ParaSwap has a simple objective, to provide the best rate.

The fact is that ParaSwap has a lot of room for growth and the move to real yield with PSP 2.0 is an added benefit.
The common effort must be directed towards increasing the volume of the protocol, enriching its community, and multiplying its partnerships.

We, as community / ParaTroopers, must be part of this effort

How I uphold the principles of ParaSwap DAO’s Code of Conduct: The code of conduct is here: LINK. What is your interpretation and how will you apply it?

In line with each point of the code of conduct.

In all transparency, I would like to point out that having a family life and a professional activity, I am probably not the most available candidate.
However, I try to allocate a significant part of my free time to ParaSwap and more broadly to crypto, which allows me to have a certain responsiveness.

Now you know everything there is to know about albist. I will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Here or on the discord.

Stay well!


Great job. A pleasure to read that :blush::ok_hand:


One of the true early ParaSwap DAO contributor, super active on the Discord, always relevant and here to help, I definitely support your application as ParaTrooper :+1:


Your numerous contributions of the past speaks for itself. The DAO is lucky to have you.


Agree with those above, your activity around the DAO and knowledge of ParaSwap is a testiment to your suitability for the ParaTroopers.

With your commitments outside of ParaSwap, you have still managed to maintain a high level of contribution - is there a bigger role you would like to explore within the DAO? I don’t see this as a barrier to entry if not, this is more a question of what interests you or if you have a vision of what you would like to explore.


Do I want to get more involved? Yes.
Does my availability allow me to do so? This is to be defined.

My experience of the past months has shown me that it is challenging to combine my IRL activities/responsibilities with optimal full-time involvement in a project (that is, if sleep is something important to you).

The ParaTroopers are a first iteration of the DAO structure. Their role, while yet to be defined in practice, seems to fit with what I can bring to ParaSwap at the moment.

If you think beyond that, I don’t have any particular talent, I’m not a dev/technical person, I don’t have any marketing or communication skills/talent.
I’m just a very organized person, who likes this environment and likes to be supportive (Before answering questions, I’ve asked, many, and still do).
In fact, I probably ask more questions than I give answers!

With my background, it’s hard to project on something more advanced, not having yet in mind the framework and responsibilities of this new DAO structure that starts with ParaTroopers.

To avoid answering without answering, I would say that organizing and structuring things interests me. I am thinking of the governance process in particular.

Refer to the first line (;


I confirm, Albist unfailing involvement on Paraswap with a permanent presence on the discord and the help he gives to newcomers while also answering the questions of the old ones. I’m happy to support this nomination!


One of the most active user in the discord, relevant and patient. I support his application