PIP-43 - Decentralized governance - End of trial period - Reviewed ParaTroopers grant

PIP-43 - Decentralized governance - End of trial period - Reviewed ParaTroopers grant

On behalf of Chab, Dseeker, Xut & I.


The trial period gave the most active members of the DAO an opportunity to get involved in a more structured way.

A first summary of activities can be found here.

The purpose of this proposal is to extend the ParaTroopers (PT) structure of paid contributors for a period of 3 months from the beginning of Epoch 11, while making a number of changes to improve it.

It’s worth noting that the ParaTroopers, who were active participants in the DAO before the trial period, continued their support service to the community once the trial period and remuneration were over.

Goals & review

The problems

  • Self-assigned roles: no specific organisation of who does what, who validates what. This led to a lot of discussion and sharing, but on several points without going all the way because of a lack of consensus.
  • Payment Structure: The Coordinape payment structure, which lets ParaTroopers rate each other’s rewards, as well as the presence of a bonus if the $PSP rewards were staked.
    It was difficult to rate colleagues without a clear view of their activity, the factor was too subjective and unclear, and there was a lot of work to take into account the bonus and the calculation of rewards (even though all the PTs had staked their rewards at each period).

New structure

Create three distinct groups within the ParaTroopers, each with a specific area, activity and budget:

  • Tech
  • Governance
  • Publicity

The tech group will have @Xutyr and @bach working as tech support like they currently do. Providing support to people wishing to join ParaSwap is a pillar of its growth.

The governance group is made up of @albist, whose main role will be to provide non-technical support on the discord, as well as specific support in relation to the creation of governance proposals. This group will be vigilant on the governance forum to ensure compliance with DAO rules.
A secondary role will be to come up with ideas to help the DAO develop.

The publicity working group shall be responsible for communicating the ideas, development and activities of the DAO and promotion of the protocol and its token. This group shall achieve this through the production of the monthly recap, periodic articles and Twitter (X) threads. @Dseeker will lead the group but will need the support of a skilled graphics designer/writer to be efficient.

Trooper organisation

  • Onboarding and Offboarding of members:

Onboarding is kept internal of the ParaTroopers.
Previous involvement in the life of the DAO is greatly appreciated.
To onboard new members, applicants shall write a pitch on the appropriate governance forum part following the application framework. The application (pitch) shall be reviewed by Troopers and put to vote. The group being applied for must be clearly stated in the application. Subject to vacancy of seat(s) or need for more hands in any working group, a simple majority vote shall be needed for the applicant to be accepted.
The motivation for the vote will be published publicly on the forum.

  • Offboarding

A member can be offboarded if any of the following occurs:
i. Direct request from the member.
ii. Failure to fulfil working group objectives twice. The first time shall be a warning strike.
iii. Failure to adhere to the code of conduct of the DAO.
For this 3-month period, as the budget is limited, offboarding will be managed internally by ParaTroopers.
If the initiative bears fruit and is extended over a longer period, offboarding may also be requested via a proposal from a member of the DAO (vote on the forum or on Snapshot to be defined if necessary).
Offboarded members shall thereafter be removed from relevant channels and be stripped of all privileges and responsibilities of ParaTroopers.


To remove a non-essential charge from the DAO’s multisig and to avoid unnecessary costs, the proposal requires payment to be fully made on two safe multisig wallet (1 per network), where the signatories will be 2 ParaTroopers and 2 members of the core team (0xytocin + 1 to be validated) with a 3/4 rule.
Safe will be setup with signers and communicated in the forum before any payment.
Safe for optimism and Arbitrum: 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5

The multisigs will be used to create a streaming setup to send linearly the rewards to the Troopers.

The details are:

  • A fixed amount of $500 per Trooper per epoch (no more bonuses)
  • A 50/50 $ARB / $PSP split payment (to allow the ParaTrooper to use part of his rewards without creating selling pressure, $ARB on Arbitrum Network, $PSP on Optimism network)

Transition Period

While all the Troopers represented in this new proposal have continued to support the community after the end of the trial period, we felt it was important to include a request for compensation for the two ‘tech’ ParaTroopers for the transition period (from Epoch 7 to Epoch 10 inclusive).

An additional amount of $4000 is requested for the 2 ParaTroopers with the same conditions as the overall payment.

Budget for new members

The budget also includes a request for an additional amount to enable the onboarding of new ParaTroopers, so that the initiative can grow flexibly without the need for a new proposal.
The aim is to potentially integrate one additional person into each group.
This means a budget of $1,500 per epoch, or $4,500 for the whole period.
This budget, if not used, will be returned to the DAO at the end of the period.


Transfer $14500 as detailed below:
$7250 in $PSP on Optimism at Safe address 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5
$7250 in $ARB on Arbitrum at Safe address 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5

ParaTroopers’ incentive → $6000
Transition period for tech Troopers → $4000
Budget for new members → $4500

Implementation Overview

The aim of this proposal is to maintain an active core of community members providing their support within the framework of a decentralised remuneration structure, thereby facilitating the integration of other projects or the arrival of new users.

Of course, it remains for the community to validate the direction in which the ParaTroopers are heading and the scope of their activities.

Voting option

  • Yes - Allow budget
  • No - Don’t allow budget
  • Abstain

It’s complicated for me to interact with this post. However, as I’m no longer a trooper, I think I’m relatively legitimate to give my opinion.

Firstly, I don’t understand why XUT and CHAB have a payment for the last epochs but not the others. Everyone continued to be present so no favoritism in my opinion. Either you all get paid, or no one does.

Why did it take you so long to write this proposal? It’s always complicated to ask for money out of contract, when it seemed simple to write what was supposed to be, the Troopers extension?

I think it’s a mistake to mix your profiles in a single proposal. I already told you this when I was still with you.
Not all work is created equal. Making a package is therefore not interesting for DAO.

As things stand, I think each trooper could make a simple but effective proposal to highlight his or her qualities and objectives. Whatever happens, this is the exercise that newcomers will have to go through to join the troopers (they’ll present themselves individually). In this way, the DAO will be able to assess whether past objectives and achievements are useful for the DAO.

So I’m in favor of the program, but against the current structure where we should see you as a whole, while each of you brings something different to the table.


Hello Stikers and thank you for your comment,

First of all, on the question of transition, you’re right, there’s a gap between the equal treatment of everyone for epoch payments and this transition period, which only concerns some of the troopers.
After discussions with the troopers, it was decided that for the time being this initiative should treat its representatives as equals, despite their different respective areas of expertise.

I hear your comments, but you’ll understand that this initiative’s decision tends to treat the different PTs equally, and therefore the proposal:

  • will maintain the current structure
  • will modify the budget request by extending the transition period to all PTs (budget reviewed below).

Updated requested budget:
Transfer $18500 as detailed below:
$9250 in $PSP on Optimism at Safe address 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5
$9250 in $ARB on Arbitrum at Safe address 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5

ParaTroopers’ incentive → $6000
Transition period → $8000
Budget for new members → $4500

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Thanks for the feedback @Albist.
It seems that all Troopers are relying on you to handle the answers about Troopers. Too bad because I had to wait 11 days for an answer to my questions.

I’ll try to position myself as a member of the DAO who hasn’t studied Troopers.
Troopers have been around for a while now. The first epochs had their share of snapshots thought up/written by certain troopers.
We’ve also noticed the presence of @Bach and @Xutyr on the dev support networks, and your @Albist on all other subjects.

A presence that’s appreciated, a presence that’s part of the spectrum of your prerogatives. It’s clear that today this presence is necessary, it’s useful and it’s valued at the same level as your troopers’ salary.
Because apart from this presence, nothing has been pushed by the troopers for several months (chab’s proposal doesn’t count because he did it for his own account and with his own grant request, totally normal).

Today I feel comfortable paying @Xutyr , @Albist and @Bach for the time they devote to the community and the results they generate. Personally, I don’t even need to give you any additional objectives other than the many hours spent talking to the community (the more the better).
Besides, I don’t feel comfortable paying @dseeker for his monthly compilation work.

Far be it from me to want to go case by case. But the facts don’t add up IMO. Leaving the door to “less” open. We condemn Troopers in the long term, because we level down while remunerating equally.

This explains the idea that each Trooper is personally valued for his or her investment in the organization.
Hope you’ll understand my position


Indeed, in the workplace, each position has to be considered individually when it comes to the end of a trial period, and even if the whole team arrived the same day to do the same job.

It would be more accurate to consider each ParaTrooper’s contribution and future position.

Thank you for your feedback. For the record, Albist’s proposal and response represent the position of the Troopers. It makes sense in my understanding to have someone present the submission and position of the Troopers in matters like this, rather than having individual response. In view of that, I wouldn’t have responded if not for the “mention” and a need for clarification.

In response to your submission, whether I get paid or not for the transition period is not of major concern to me. I am more interested in the overall success of the ParaTrooper initiative and the success of the DAO as a Whole. The growth of this community preceeds any personal agenda. While I respect your opinion as a DAO member, it will be grossly insensitive for anyone to deminish the contribution of others no matter how insignificant they consider the contribution to be.

My current area of contribution within the ParaTrooper initiative was chosen during the Troopers onboarding exercise where each Trooper was asked to choose a specific area of contribution. I was asked if I would be interested in reawakening the defunct community newsletter since it was something I had done in the past and I answered in the affirmative. In addition to writing and publishing the monthly recap, I also volunteered to help with new members onboarding. This was clearly highlighted in this Oxy’s forum post
ParaTroopers - First Batch with respect to Troopers onboarding. This is not intended to be a defense but a clarification and as such I will not go into the argument of who does what or which role is important and which one is not.

While I believe I could do more in areas of advocacy and communication which is evident in the new proposition, I am certain that my ability to function in the current capacity was not contested.

Still relevant, and not contested.

If each member thinks he is relevant as a Paratrooper, he should be ok to be considered as an individual.

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It should. Personally, if I feel that my work in the first three months is equivalent to that in the months not covered by the contract, then I deserve my pay.

For me, this is nothing more than a duplicate of your current summary.

That’s an interesting point.
In my opinion, the Troopers have demonstrated their strengths and limitations during this trial period.

3 Profiles stood out during this period. @Xrivijayan decided to leave because he couldn’t get to grips with how Troopers worked, and I left because I quickly understood the limits of Troopers (being paid to produce nothing was not an option for me).
These limitations aren’t negative, but they do prevent me from recruiting other Troopers.
In my opinion, the Troopers have found their “raison d’être”:
3 people available on the networks (discord/forum/twitter eventually) to respond to the community.

2 technical people whose coding skills have proved them useful as technical support.
1 person who masterfully manages responses to the community. Wisdom, discernment and the ability to stand back allow Albist to be our relationship/community asset.

In my opinion, the Troopers program should be satisfied with these three profiles and continue in this direction.
If @Albist, @Bach and @Xutyr want to do more than they do today, they’re free to do so. Besides, I don’t feel any need in the short or medium term to recruit or retain other profiles.

This will also enable @0xYtocin to devote time to more specific subjects. Subjects that fall within its original remit.


Hello and thank you for your comments.

After discussions between Troopers applicants, the main idea behind this proposal is that despite everyone’s different objectives and abilities, everyone should be treated on the same level. By all, I mean the 4 Troopers currently behind this proposal: @Bach , @Xutyr , @dseeker & albist.

Please note that this proposal will run for 3 months, and that it will be up to everyone to justify their work.
As this is a long-term initiative, it’s in everyone’s interest to get involved so that they can continue to be part of it at a later stage.

We therefore do not wish to make any changes to the proposal in response to the latest comments.

As epoch 10 comes to an end in 12 days’ time, barring any new information or blocking comments, the temp check will be launched this Friday, with the aim of creating a vote as close as possible to Tuesday 24 October.

written ln behalf of the ParaTroopers applicants.

Hello everyone,
Thank you for your comments, even though we didn’t want to take them all into account to keep to our original logic.
We think that the discussion time was necessary and we’re triggering the “temp check” to warn the DAO that we want to post this proposal in snapshot next Tuesday.

Note that the proposal that will be posted will take into account the update mentioned here.

Although I was asked to be one of the signers of the budget Multisig safe, I would like to emphasise that all of these improvements and iterations have been made with internal discussion from the Troopers, showing their ability to coordinate and iterate since the first pilot. This, along with the community contributions and support of all of the members make me very excited to see what might come from this.

However, I would like to add one minor suggestion if possible. For this vote to go live, I have been asked to post on the trooper’s behalf, as I have more than the requested 100k voting power needed to submit a post as established in PIP-33.

While I do not mind to post on their behalf , this would make me the snapshot author of 7 of the last 10 valid proposals to have gone live since this passes, which is not a good look on decentralisation! Thus, I would like to add a final point to enable Troopers to become Snapshot authors, and post proposals they consider to be valid to go for a vote. Not only would this fit well with the Governance troopers, but it would synergise nicely with the duty of assisting with the governance process, all while reducing the bottleneck of posting under my account.

As I understand this is another addition since the temp check, I propose to publish an amended version on Snapshot next Thursday instead of the usual Tuesday, as this amendment is not @Albist 's fault and I would not want to delay the proposal yet another week. Feel free to let me know your thoughts!


I’m personally in favour of this amendment, particularly in my role of assisting the community in the governance process (although this possibility would be open to all troopers, whatever their field).
This way, in addition to assisting DAO members with the first steps of their proposal (discussion, forum, framework, rules, etc), we’ll be able to help them bring it to a successful conclusion (right up to the vote).

Will therefore be added to the proposal:
“After reviewing the threshold of $PSP required to vote in order to limit abuse, the result is that the majority of votes are created by an intermediary, which centralises the process.
We propose that ParaTroopers be whitelisted in Snapshot to act as relays for ParaSwap community initiatives in the governance process”.


Makes sens, good for me

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Proposal is now live: Snapshot

Hello wonderful people!
Be reminded that there’s one more day left to vote for the ongoing ParaTroopers renewal proposal on Snapshot. This proposal determines what becomes of the initiative and the current cohort, so every vote count.

Vote here

Hello everyone,
proposal PIP-43 was passed today. Thank you for your confidence and recognition.

As planned, multisig “Safe” wallets have been created with the parameters below in order to carry out the transfers.
Once these transfers have been made, streaming feeds will be created to each Trooper for the 3 epoch period.

Safe setup for Arbitrum & Optimism with the same address & same rules.
Safe: 0xd6ABD29a331eDB915D0eE8597Df50D453F98c7c5

@Bach : 0x852c74D1c41dCC8B897c1a4A8146eFFC72B2AE66
@0xYtocin : 0x72CB40A11781Ff0149abB55a1AdEbE2407575030
@albist : 0xe4aD7226D41ba58D20322FC121b9C509B5f07E2C
@agrosso (only to unlock safe if one person missing) : 0x4b5d06B309c32C0c8e73585358cF72E7a6E593F6

Rule: 3 out of 4 owners.

The objective: transparency and responsibility towards the DAO


Hello everyone,
A quick update on the ParaTroopers payment method.

Unfortunately, after several attempts, it seems that we are unable to use the safe + streaming tool combo.

We therefore opted for a ‘simple’ payment for ParaTroopers to unlock the situation. But in order not to be in more favourable conditions than what has been voted, we will act as follow:

  • end of epoch 11, payment of the transition period and epoch 11
  • end of epoch 12, payment of epoch 12
  • end of epoch 13, payment of epoch 13

Hello everyone,
for the sake of transparency and accessibility, you will find below the ParaTrooper payment transactions to date:

PSP epoch 11 + transition period: TX
ARB epoch 11 + transition period: TX

PSP epoch 12: TX
ARB epoch 12: TX

Without transition, I would like to take advantage of this update to inform the DAO that I am withdrawing from the ParaTroopers initiative for personal reasons and that I am, of course, renouncing payment for epoch 13.
This amount will be returned to the DAO with the rest of the unused budget at the end of epoch 13.