ParaTrooper Nomination Framework

ParaTrooper Nomination Framework

Nominations are to be made via the ParaSwap governance forum as an individual thread with the topic title “ParaTrooper Nomination - Your name”. This will allow for any questions to be posed by the community and answered in one place per nominee.

Name: ENS/Lens handle, Discord / Forum username, Twitter handle etc

What value do I bring to the ParaTroopers / ParaSwap DAO: Share with us in a couple paragraphs why you feel you are a good fit for the ParaTroopers. Do you have any experience in:

  • People (hiring, onboarding, compensation, contributor accountability, offboarding)
  • Budget Management / Treasury
  • Technical Support / Documentation
  • Reporting
  • Coordination and communication
  • Marketing
  • Art Production

Involvement with ParaSwap to date: We may already know your contributions to date or you have been quietly working away but give us your story! Feel free to share previous major involvements either in the ParaSwap DAO or elsewhere.

Vision for ParaSwap: Where do you see the current value of ParaSwap and where it is heading? How will you help get it there?

How I uphold the principles of ParaSwap DAO’s Code of Conduct: The code of conduct is here: LINK. What is your interpretation and how will you apply it?

Other relevant supporting information or ecosystem roles held: Feel free to share some links to content you’ve created or share any other DAOs you are currently or previously involved in if you like!