Paratrooper Nomination - Chab

Name: Chab/Bach @Chabahk

What value do I bring to the ParaTroopers / ParaSwap DAO:
I like developing, so I’ll be mostly helping the developers and Paraswap vision is very important and clear, I like decentralisation and want to be really involved into Paraswap DAO. The fields interesting me in this DAO are the UX (website, error reporting), the tokenomics and protocol updates.

My main experiences are technical, reporting and people. I’ve been in a leading position in a French startup creating products and protocols using blockchains since 2018, so I’ve participated in many hires and discussed a lot with the team. I have still continued developing in JavaScript, Solidity, shell and others these years. I’ve initially graduated in Security of information systems because I was very interested into the cybersecurity and cypherpunks culture, and then I decided to try to build new ideas with all the potentialities of blockchains.

Involvement with ParaSwap to date:
I’ve been involved into ParaswapDao for more than a year now, participating into governance and bringing new ideas or formulas, like the gas refund refund or participated into adding more tokens for the ParaBoost and paraswap list.
I’ve been developing for more than 10 years now and I like helping developers on Discord for understanding better the API. I could also propose my help to improve a bit the documentation.

Vision for ParaSwap: Paraswap improving their structure of a DAO has been really interesting, together with the tokenomics I think it’ll bring interesting minds to discuss with and create a long and performing project. The current integration in major Dapps like Aave is very promising if the product continues to perform so well on various chains.

How I uphold the principles of ParaSwap DAO’s Code of Conduct:
I’ve always considered respect and honesty as a major human quality, so I try to behave like that. While I can disagree sometimes I always try to argue with facts and do it in a polite and positive way so the conflicts can create some nice outcomes.

A few words
I’m currently remotely working in some beautiful countries so with my work and all the discoveries to make here I might have been less present these days, but my involvement is quite determined and I’m definitely getting back into more active participation these next weeks!

See you on Discord and Twitter!


Hey Bach, I was looking forward to your application. It seemed so logical to me that you should apply.

I’m convinced that it is necessary to have strong profiles in all areas to make the Troopers team complete and optimal. So Troopers need people like you and Xurt, who know how to code.

I have a question though, why haven’t you approached the Paraswap dev team since you’ve been helping out on the discord in the developer section?

Thanks for your support!

I’ll try to answer the question but do not hesitate to rephrase it if you feel I missed your point of “approaching Paraswap dev team”.
Either ways, I have a lot of responsibilities in my work and despite I could rush some devs like on a few days, I wouldn’t be able to develop in a really recurrent manner. Of course I like coding but it’s also nice to put his mind at work on other areas like some challenges I find with the DAO. However if the team or community would come with nice side projects and need a few help I could help for sure.

I’m also travelling a lot lately so I have to find balance in all of this, but I’m planning to seriously investigate some gas optimisations for optimism quite soon, and as this position is quite new and not yet acquired, I think I’ll have more ideas on the way.

I have also been in contact with a member of the dev team while doing error reporting, if that answers more your question!


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