Marketing - Contest - PSP ARMY

Hey guys,

I hope you are all fine !

I want to start a conversation about a (small) proposal I made on Discord.

Here is the message :

[Marketing - Proposal]

Are you ready to join the “PSP Army” ?

I propose that we create an (un)formal marketing community around ParaSwap…
And we can start it by doing a contest opened to everyone.

Here is the idea:

You make a video about ParaSwap and post it online (YouTube, Twitter…).

You can meme, you can be serious, you can be aesthetic.

The only rule is to promote ParaSwap.

(Some examples:

Ð is for Ðogecoin - YouTube)

The winner or winners would be rewarded in $PSP, and selected by a vote.

The goal is to stimulate creativity around ParaSwap image/brand, and to give inspiration for the official marketing team.

Also, it will pave the way for more contests and actions led by the PSP Army.

Yes, generating hype is not really marketing…

But can you consider crypto-marketing without any hype ? I see a huge potential with ParaSwap.

@0xYtocin kindly replied to me and we had a talk in PM.

If you agree with the contest’s idea, here are some points we can discuss :

1. Should we start with a video competition or an easier one (= images/meme/gif) ?
2. Should it be a themed competition or a free one ? It could be a mascot competition…
3. How could we manage things so It doesn’t mess with ParaSwap’s foundation ?
4. How much $PSP should we distribute as rewards ?
5. How are we going to choose the winner or winners ? A vote or the most outreach ?

My initial goal was to make the community participating a bit to ParaSwap’s marketing, instead of complaining about it…

And I think we can give an impulse to a lot of energy and creativity waiting to be released :slightly_smiling_face:

We need you to join $PSP Army !


Hey, I like some of the ideas you’ve proposed here, releasing a small pot of $PSP for outreach projects on social media could not only help with the awareness of the project, but also on creating content that could help with paraswap’s identity!

As we spoke previously, I feel the first point will be defining what kind of contests we want to run. A free contest might be very difficult to judge and backfire, so I don’t think this is a good idea. Personally, I feel that we should start with creating content that can be used again once the contest is over! So here’s some ideas:

  • ParaSwap DAO mascot? DeFi has unicorns, ghosts and much more, maybe we should ask the community to design some creature to use when advertising

  • Video competition? In line to what you’ve shown with eth, this could help make a multimedia fan expression to attach to tweets.

  • Infographics? The final idea, having easy-to-digest infographics about ParaSwap would create amazing content that can be shared later when explaining the protocol!

Looking forward to seeing what people think about these :smile:

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