Retroactive rewards to PSP stakers

Hey! A cool Idea would of been to define some criterias to rewards early users who believed in the project and used all of its functionalities such as staking. So shortly the eligible people could be the stakers who staked in the whole 1st epoch and mb started also to stake in the 2nd one. Let`s see if maybe someone proposes any other kind of way to rewards to users who interacted with their PSP tokens (Staked or holded them)


Hello @timkot and thanks for getting involved!

I’m moving this topic to the research section as we keep the proposal section for the fully-fledged proposals.

There are already things planned on this front, such as special NFTs made by renowned artists to reward early supporters.


wow, this is exciting news!

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Cool, Also would be interesting to try implementing the “burn” mechanism on the NFTs, for example if I want to burn my Limited edition NFT (Rarity depends on how long have I staked for) I will receive certain amount of PSP depending on the rarity of the NFT, What do you think about that?

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it would be amazing!

Burn mechanism with nft is a great idea!


Hmm, I’m speaking more as a user than a scribe here, but I do think rewarding early project contributors in some way would strengthen the community!

Assuming early contributors get rewarded an NFT and the gas rebate scheme goes through, maybe NFT holders could get a discount on the gas fees, or some other (minor) ecosystem perk? That would reward early users while also encouraging them to use the protocol more! Who knows, adding a practical use like that on the paraswap network could make the NFTs coveted without causing the token dump of just dropping $PSP to users :wink:


Hi Guys !

I totally agree !

Does there is any update on that ?

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