ParaSwap's Lottery Program

Hey guys,

I want to share an idea which I partially saw on Discord.

The DAO could organize a lottery every month.

To participate, a user would need a ticket (as a token?).

And here are three ways to earn a ticket :

  • Make one trade on ParaSwap - at least 200$.
  • Buy PSP on ParaSwap.
  • Stake PSP in any pool.

And the DAO would distribute prices for some lucky users :

1° Winning 50,000$ in PSP
2° Winning 15,000$ in PSP
3° Winning 2,000$ in PSP
4° to 10° 100$ in PSP.

The goal is to generate more volume on the protocol, but also for the PSP.

And ultimately it could attract some lost users from the airdrop.

What do you think about it ?

Kind regards


I feel as if this could be exploited, I think this is very much like the Gas Refund Proposal though. I would say for users with a small folio the GRP is the optimal solution but a trading competition would be cool. Maybe award the winners based on percent gains made through April using paraswap with a minimum size wallet to prevent abuse.