ParaSwap Monthly Financial Report & Analysis - Feb 23

Hey ParaSwap community,

Here is the ParaSwap Monthly Financial Report - Feb 23


  • 1.3B USD volume during February, 159k USD revenues for the DAO.
  • 740m PSP (30m USD) in treasury.
  • 3.07m PSP (125k USD) in gas refunds.
  • 32% staking yield based on February staking & distribution levels.

If you have any comments or find inaccuracies in the data, reach out in the comments or via twitter.

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Following the discussions on Discord regarding the quality of the first report. I propose that we pay this month but revoke the deal moving forward. I think the DAO should pay because we didn’t set any KPIs or quality check indications, while we agreed to @adalhi terms to only make improvements to the report instead of being the judge of its goal fulfillment. A new vote will be required as we don’t have any other alternative yet. Doesn’t seem fair but we agreed to it…

We can take that as an opportunity to build a vetting process to make the selection of service providers more efficient and scalable. Let’s discuss that separately!


Hi Mounir
Didn’t recognize you on Discord.
Anyways, I agree to your terms. Consider this mandate revoked with payment for the produced report.

No need to pay for the report produced, I deleted it.

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I agree with @Mouph’s general observation.
Although you accept the end of your collaboration with the DAO, the latter must still validate this change via a vote.
I am working on a draft proposal that I will present on the forum.

Also agree that this proposal should be about stopping the production of future reports but not the work already done.

We’ll see if the community goes along with it now that the report has been removed.

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