A special tab for accepted votes on Paraswap.io

Hello to all,

PSP is evolving fast, very fast and it is not always easy to follow this progression.

As PSP is a Dao, each step of the project is debated on the forum, then voted on, accepted or not and then implemented.

However, after the vote, it is complicated to have a reliable and detailed reference of the proposals.

Indeed, no direct link from the official website is available to read the different proposals that have been positively voted by the Dao.
Therefore, we have to go back to the forum, find the section we are interested in, the subject we are interested in… Etc etc.

It goes without saying that adoption will be achieved by simplifying the system and making it easier for new or old users to access the information that is important.

Proposals that are positively voted should therefore have a direct section from the paraswap.io website.

This would allow all new users or even holders to have a quick look at what is new and upcoming on Paraswap.

A tab from the main site (proposal accepted by the Dao) would solve this problem of readability.

I am waiting for your feedback on this idea and on the necessity or not of its implementation.


Yeah I think is very important for the customer, I Completely agree!

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Hey, I really enjoy the idea of having a DAO dashboard to keep track of things!

While ParaSwap.io is a frontend and thus not directly controlled by the DAO, it would be great to have a simple all-in-one place to keep track of all of these things.

Maybe we could explore further integrating with Boardroom to have all our discussion and information in one place, similar to what sushiswap has on their tab. Do we know of any other similar solutions?

Once we have all this info available in one hub, we could request it to be put in paraswap.io and add it to the forums.

It’s amazing, I didn’t even know about this website for Paraswap… That’s how scattered the DAO is IMO.
Afterwards, as you point out, there’s no need to do something complicated.
Just a single website where you can find the forum, the accepted proposals and links to useful sites such as Boardroom, and the votes communicated on twitter.

All in all a standard site with no frills.
With the arrival of the Troopers, this will also allow for simple and effective communication with the possibility for some Troopers to regularly update the website.

A dao must be readable, transparent (at most) and reactive.
With a dedicated website and a direct link from the paraswap.io front end, we should achieve these goals.

I’ll be back here shortly with possible ideas for such a website.

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I’ve just dropped a message in their discord hoping to get more information available on boardroom, let’s see what they say :grin:


A dev friend of mine clearly told me that a site like I dreamed of would require several k$ of initial investment and then regular maintenance.

I admit to being a complete novice in this area but I am convinced that it is a necessary evil.

We need to look into it further.