Welcome to ParaSwap's Governance Forum

Thanks for getting involved with ParaSwap’s governance! Anyone is welcome to participate in this forum.

ParaSwap is a DeFi middleware delivering an optimized infrastructure for token swaps to end-users and dApps. The efficient aggregation of decentralized exchanges topped up with ParaSwap’s market makers (ParaSwapPools) enables ParaSwap to consistently beat the markets. PSP stakers are a key part of the design; as they direct PSP incentives between the different market makers.

Feel free to check the relevant documentation to familiarize yourself with ParaSwap and its governance processes:

  1. ParaSwap User Documentation
  2. View and discuss the PSP-IP framework here
  3. ParaSwap API/technical Documentation

Daily discussions and news are shared on the Discord server. If you hold or stake PSP, you can also verify yourself there to access the holders-only channel.

PSP-IP Lifecycle

  1. Proposals are first discussed on the Discord server - between verified PSP holders and stakers.
  2. Then, once the proposal has been formalized it’s submitted on this forum for further discussions and adjustments.
  3. The vote happens on ParaSwap’s Snapshot, were all PSP holders and stakers can express their vote in a gasless manner.

Getting Involved with ParaSwap’s Governance Process

I, TokenBrice, am here to ensure ParaSwap’s governance process is as accessible and efficient as it could be. I coordinate the community and produce resources to facilitate enrollment.

Luckily, I’m not alone in this task! Several dedicated community members stepped up to become ParaSwap’s Governance Scribes. They update the community on governance-related news and provide advice & support to users and DAOS looking to write PSP-IP.

Learn More about ParaSwap

Governing is no easy task! On top of the process, governance participants should familiarize themselves with the ParaSwap product and its ecosystem to ensure their proposals are as qualitative and synergistic with the overall vision as they can be. Here are some resources to help you level up:

Looking forward to your contributions!


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