PS Research: context and tech tree

A category to research and discuss various potential improvements to ParaSwap. This section is for research and discussions only - formalized proposals are to be presented in the Governance Proposal section.

ParaSwap Structure

Both the ParaSwap team and the ParaSwap DAO work together to make ParaSwap the best DeFi middleware possible. The DAO is structuring itself and progressively taking over: it already assumes full control over the PSP token and all related topics. Let’s not forget about the market makers too, a key part of the model enabling ParaSwap to sustain competitive prices.

Research Topics Tech Tree

To help you navigate the ongoing researches, I’ll update this pinned post frequently to include all ongoing topics in a comprehensive tree. I also add potential topics (=without links yet) as a way to direct the community’s interest in such matters. Everyone can start a research topic, but please make sure to provide some initial data, framing, questioning, and relevant similar live models to feed the discussion.

Governance Infrastructure

Picture ParaSwapDAO as a living organism, constantly evolving with continuous feedback loops. Sometimes, these feedback loops crystalize into an upgrade to the overall governance infrastructure, like the establishment of the:

Early Governance Model

In the current phase, our votes are held on Snapshot with the recognition of both PSP and staked PSP. Using Snapshot enables gasless voting and quick improvements on the model. Everyone is welcome to share their inputs and suggestions regarding the formalization of the first set of governance parameters:

Long-term: Onchain governance

In the long run, however, moving towards an on-chain governance model will provide further guarantees to the community. Yet, it also means the governance structure will be less agile and proposal writing will become much more technical.

PSP Liquidity

How can we efficiently grow and sustain liquidity on the PSP token?

ParaSwap Network Research

Let’s not forget about the DAO’s long-term mission: ParaSwap’s need for speed is a titan task that will be solved with the team and community working hand in hand.

ParaSwap Pool V2

What adjustments should the next iteration of the staking module include?


A DAO works like a tripod: governance+product+community. Let’s not forget about the later part!

Artists contributions & NFTs

Three NFT-artists are at work to develop ParaSwap DAO’s early culture. The NFT allocation model & artist PSP compensation will be submitted for the community to review. It could also be the perfect occasion to establish a framework to streamline further collaborations with retroactive community compensation in the future?
Validate NFT allocation + artists compensation = formalize a template?

Community Roles

Many swappers have risen up to the occasion! Be it the scribes, media team, ambassadors, content producers, or developers, all have been at work and already delivered abundantly!

Once the early governance is set and PSP liquidity is flowing, formalizing community roles and associated PSP budget seems like a sound next step.