Swap limit sur les Layers 2

Est il possible de proposer un swap limit sur les réseaux qui ont des frais résonnables ( tous sauf ETH ) ?
Je ne vous cache pas que je suis obligé (à contre coeur ) d’aller chez un concurrent pour avoir cette option de swap , alors que je soutiens à 100% PARASWAP

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Is it possible to propose a swap limit on networks that have resonable fees (all except ETH)?
I don’t hide you that I am obliged (against my heart) to go to a competitor to have this option of swap, whereas I support 100% PARASWAP.


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Can you explain a bit more what you mean by swap limit? Do you mean limit orders? Or limiting the max number of swaps outside Eth mainnet?

yes , limit orders.
Sorry for my request in French.

First of all, thanks to the team for proposing the swap limit.
Who has succeeded in making a swap limit? I have made two attempts without success. The order goes through but the swap does not finalize, even if the price has been reached.

Hey there,
you should check the discord, there are several discussions about this topic and some explanations on how it works.