Swap pool without fees

Disclaimer : I make this proposal because it came back quite often on the discord, so I took the initiative to propose it in order to discuss it :slight_smile:

Be indulgent, this is a first for me ;D

1. Proposal Number & Name

PSP-IPΔXX : Swap pool without fees

2. Keywords

PSP staking upgrade
Smart contract development
Parameter update

3. Simple Summary

Open the possibility to change pool without paying ethereum fees (under certain conditions to avoid abuse).

Example of conditions : the possibility to change only one time at the beginning of an epoch

4. Context

Ethereum fees can be expensive for some people.
These people may not necessarily want to stay on the same pool all the time but are more or less forced to because of ethereum fees.

5. Goals

Open up the possibility for everyone to really participate in signaling

6. Means

Additional development

7. Metrics

I don’t know exactly

8. Forward-thinking considerations

How will the transactions take place?
Is there anything to pay to transfer from one pool to another?
There is potentially something to do with the Gaz refund vote?
And we need to establish a condition or more

9. Implementation overview

I don’t know exactly

10. Voting options

  • Yes, (+ condition 1)
  • Yes, (+ condition 2)
  • No
  • abstain

Would be a great improvement considering the fair airdrop was not just done for whales but distributed to people where etheruem fees do actually impact their decisions.

Would need to further understand the means But if it requires too much work, I wouldn’t bother with it.
Maybe on the horizon there will be staking on other chains that require less gas fee that those users can flock to instead? not that the opportunities will be the same


I really like the proposal !

I think it could be a great fit in the Gaz Refund proposal as another option for using that Renting Staking power.


Excellent idea. Changing only once per epoch seems essential and it should even be made impossible several days before the end of the epoch in my opinion


Hello @starny and thanks for this proposal!

Indeed from a staker’s perspective, being able to change pools more easily has been asked a lot. However with the current deployment, each ParaSwapPool is represented by a different ERC20 token handles by a different contract with different change rates against PSP.

It makes such an implementation hard to envision under the current design, it would definitely fall under the lot of work category. This will more likely be part of a v2 of the staking contracts, as previously discussed.


Thank you for your answer
I have only transcribed the multiple requests I have received on this subject so we can have a trace of this discussion on the forum.
Now we can refer your answer to people who would ask us the same thing in the future :slight_smile: