PS Research DEFI Dashboard

PSP-IPΔXX : DEFI Dashboard

1. Proposal Number & Name


2. Keywords

UI/UX improvement , feature request , become the aggregator of the defi

3. Simple Summary

Paraswap is a very good aggregator but not only, Paraswap is able to use some Defi smart contracts (like lido, Aave, Compound …) but actually this feature is not highlighted. it’s sad … The goal of this research is to highlight the interactions with other protocols that are not MA

4. Context

Paraswap directly integrates DEFI protocols but does not put forward its power. That’s why it starts to be interesting to put forward that Paraswap does not only search for the best routes on AMM but also integrates the warpers. Paraswap allows to decrease the number of transactions and therefore the costs. What I propose is to add a tab “DEFI” (when we select the token) in this tab I would see a list of protocols Aave, Compund, Lido … ) and when we click on a protocol we would have access to the tokens of this protocol ex : aUSDT , aDAI , aETH , aAave , aWBTC … this approach is to underline that Paraswap is the aggregator of the DEFI .

on the other hand it would help people not to get the wrong token. Personally, it happened to me to make a mistake between the maUSDC and the amUSDC.

5. Goals

  • improved user experience

  • allows the user not to make mistakes

  • put forward the capabilities of paraswap

6. Means

it’s just visual modifications.

7. Rationale

How will success be measured? : The number of interactions with DEFI protocols

8. Forward-thinking considerations

With this proposal implemented, what are the next steps to consider?

  • implement others protocols
  • implement AMM deposit
  • implement - > veToken

the proposal :