Open discussion before Grant Application for Protocol Financials Dashboard

Open discussion before Grant Application for Protocol Financials Dashboard

Grant Title: Protocol Financials Dashboard

Author: @bleu - Rawallon and luizakp on github

About bleu:

bleu collaborates with companies and DAOs as a web3 technology and user experience partner. We’re passionate about enhancing the interaction between blockchain and web3 users.

bleu additional Links:

We developed several tools for the Balancer Protocol such as Vault Internal Balances Manager, Pool Simulator Dashboard, and Pool. We’ve also developed a Twitter bot that tracks Paraswap’s metrics and tweets daily, so we have some familiarity with the protocol.

Grant Description:

bleu recognizes the paramount importance of transparency and accessibility in understanding financial operations. In this vein, we propose the creation of a Protocol Income/Metrics Dashboard with Quarterly Reporting. This initiative aims to provide an ongoing and transparent view of the DAO’s financial activities, fostering greater clarity and participation within the community. We believe that long-term transparency will benefit all stakeholders and contribute to the continued growth of the protocol. The core value of this proposal lies in its capacity to provide clear and easily understandable information to non-technical users regarding the DAO’s actions. This dashboard will empower users to gain insights into the DAO’s financial activities, fostering greater understanding and participation in the ParaSwap community.

Milestones - 8 Weeks total


The dashboard will offer an intuitive, user-friendly interface for gaining insights into the treasury’s financial activities. Users can explore data for specific timeframes, like Quarters, Semesters, or Years, and dive into finer details for each Epoch, which simplifies monthly reporting.

1 - Project setup (1 week)

  • Develop the core specifications of the Protocol Income/Metrics Dashboard.
  • Ensure a user-friendly and visually appealing design.


  • Figma file with designs and get feedback from the ParaSwap team

2 - Current Treasury State + Wallet Summaries (2 weeks)

  1. Current Treasury State: The dashboard will offer an overview of the treasury’s financial health.
    • Summary of Wallet holdings across all supported chains.

      • Located Addresses

        //Wallet holdings
        0x5a61d9214adefd7669428a03a4e8734a00e9f464 // Main Paraswap MultiSig
        0x6DF5e7b236a4F14e08C27E09202B4d1865905e9b // Operational MultiSig
        0x6a3CCa09b1C2B83834124c8646a68b9Bad2a07b9 // PSP Reserve Vesting Contract Y1
        0x348aa814a72970e76d5756a2cda16e7e8f245aab // PSP Reserve Vesting Contract Y2
        0xb074094d2e858b25d129989644248f9f6946e081 // PSP Reserve Vesting Contract Y3
        0x51d2f2c65d043118eb4329fcbc738943f494609f // PSP Reserve Vesting Contract Y4
        //Incoming/outgoing from DAO wallets (all chains)
        0xcafe001067cdef266afb7eb5a286dcfd277f3de5 // Eth
        0xd3594E879B358F430E20F82bea61e83562d49D48 // Opt
        0x42d61d766b85431666b39b89c43011f24451bff6 // Poly
        0xcafe001067cdef266afb7eb5a286dcfd277f3de5 // BSC
        0xcafe001067cdef266afb7eb5a286dcfd277f3de5 // Fant
    • Users can select a specific chain or view data for all chains simultaneously.

    • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and charts, including Net Worth, Tokens distribution, Runway, and Asset Distribution.

  2. Wallet Summaries: Detailed insights into wallet holdings and Protocol-owned Liquidity across all supported chains.


Implementation of current treasury stats listed above and wallet summaries.

  • Mock example (using hypothetical data)

3 - Transaction History + Protocol Metrics + Epoch Stats (2 weeks)

  1. Transaction History: Records of incoming and outgoing transactions.

    • The link to the transaction details will be accessible through the dashboard.
    • We have a mock example using hypothetical data but only one embedded media is allowed here on the forum.
  2. Protocol Metrics: The dashboard will include key protocol metrics.

    • Metrics include Revenue (both protocol and overall), Fees, and Volume.
  3. Epoch Stats: Specialized statistics for each Epoch, enabling in-depth analysis.

    • Gas Refund Statistics, showcasing gas refunds by contract.
    • Distribution data, including Income vs. Spending, Historical reserves, and Spending by currency and categories.
    • We have a mock example using hypothetical data but only one embedded media is allowed here on the forum.


Implement the user interface for accessing these features.

Expand the dashboard’s functionality to include transaction history and metrics listed above.

4 - Historical Epoch/Monthly Reporting (2 weeks)

  • Create a template for epoch reports summarizing protocol performance, metrics, and financials.
  • Gather data and generate monthly reports since the first epoch which will have a shareable link.


Implement the user interface for accessing these features.

Expand the dashboard’s functionality to include allowing users to filter through different Epochs.

Feedback + QA (1 week)

  • Work on final feedback for the entire dashboard.
  • Conduct thorough testing to ensure reliability.
  • Keep the dashboard and reporting up-to-date with the latest data.

Grant Size

The equivalent of USD 15k paid in PSP is broken into the following milestone rates:

  • Grant approval — 1k;
  • Current Treasury State + Wallet Summaries - 5k;
  • Transaction History + Protocol Metrics + Epoch Stats — 5k;
  • Historical Epoch/Monthly Reporting + Testing+ QA — 4k;

Our goal is to collect grant payments on milestone completion to ensure cash flow on our side. We’d also be more than happy to set up a joint planning/review process and to include the sponsor on ParaSwap’s side in our weekly planning/demo meetings / to our task management tool to ensure the review process runs smoothly.


Hello and thank you for your proposal,
All the data is available onchain and even sometimes already on certain platforms. However, I am personally convinced that making this information available in a simple and accessible format can only add value to the ParaSwap DAO. The transparency is there, we just need to work on making it more accessible.

For me, it all depends on whether the proposed tool offers major improvements over the free tools that already exist:

Also, If the proposal passes and the dashboard is created, who will own it and how will it be managed in the long term (maintenance, updates, etc.)? What’s to stop it being stopped overnight?


Absolutely, we’re on the same page. We aim to make this data not just accessible but user-friendly. Distinct from platforms like DefiLlama and Token Terminal, our dashboard features:

  • ParaSwap-specific KPIs
  • Detailed epoch-based reporting
  • Integrated multi-chain wallet summaries

Post-launch, we’ll offer a month of maintenance, covering minor adjustments, not new features or major revisions. To prevent any misunderstanding, extensive changes will require an additional grant. After that, we’ll keep it up and running as long as it doesn’t eat up too much of our time.

But again, everything we build will be open for everyone to see and improve, making sure it fits ParaSwap’s needs as they grow.


Thanks for your reply! In the end it will be up to the DAO to decide whether these additional features merit a specific budget.

Personally, I understand that additional features require a potential additional budget.

However, this comment is a direct no for me. This criterion is far too vague and does not guarantee the availability of this tool for the DAO in the long term.

^^ no for me too. Thank for your transparence

@Albist, thank you for voicing your concerns about the dashboard’s long-term availability. We understand that this is a critical factor for any tool serving a DAO.

We recognize that our previous comment about time commitments might raise questions about the project’s longevity. In the interest of transparency and setting realistic expectations, we could commit to keeping the dashboard online for a minimum of one year.

However, we appreciate your understanding that project grants like this often have limited scope. Our initial offer of a month’s maintenance is standard, and I want to stress that I don’t see any reason to take the dashboard offline.

To make sure we’re on the same page, could you elaborate on what you envision for the dashboard in the long term? Additionally, would exploring options for extended support and additional features beyond the current grant be of value to you?

@stikers, we noticed our proposal didn’t align with your expectations. Can you share specific concerns? We want to learn what can be done better, so we can contribute to ParaSwap’s ecosystem on this or other opportunities.

Just the line is enough for me “After that, we’ll keep it up and running as long as it doesn’t eat up too much of our time.”

Sorry but we can’t work like that, I hope you will understand my point of view


Hey @stikers, I totally get the concerns about my earlier comment, and I regret that it clouded the discussion. Bad choice of words on my part. Sorry for the confusion.

We’re committed to a full year and planning quarterly upgrades to make sure it keeps pace with what you all need. Our goal is not only to work on something but to keep it maintained. That is what we’ve done with all Balancer grants we’ve delivered to date. Another signal of our commitment is that we’ve kept the Paraswap metrics Twitter bot online, despite it being an unfunded project.

Does this address your concerns or is there anything else you’d want to talk about?