PIP-46: Partnership with Questly - Paraswap Christmas Adventure


Questly (@MaxQuestly , @Greta), @stikers , @Paradigme


For several months, major efforts have been made on Paraswap to improve the product/protocol. However, the community aspect may have been neglected.

Today, there are very few ways of building loyalty, growing the community or expanding media coverage. Very few networks are active, and most are quiet and unattractive. It’s striking: low participation in the DAO forum and a general lack of interest in our community.

Finally, our protocol, its yield and everything that makes Paraswap a success today are often misunderstood.

This is why we are proposing the creation of a real community tool in partnership with QUESTLY.

What is Questly?

Questly is a white-label quest hub that allows projects to engage, acquire, retain, and monetize communities. We created Questly after helping ClipperDEX to reach more than 100k users in Discord while increasing their trading volume by 8.5X times during campaigns.

What you can do in Questly:

1. White-label & tailored development:

We build so you don’t have to. Custom gamification and fun quests showcased with Paraswap branding will help you reach goals and keep your community safe inside your own space.

2. Unify third-party quests:

Want to grow your community with QuestN, Galxe, or Zealy? No problem, we centralize the user experience in Questly and give your community a proper place to connect.

3. In-House quests:

Want to retain your current community instead? Then, don’t make them leave your space by interacting with other quest tools. Use ready-made quests built inside our product.

Goals & review

Concerned about making Paraswap more attractive, Questly came to propose its service to the DAO (see Questly first proposal). The lack of engagement to this proposal and the lack of knowledge of our DAO led us to propose a partnership with QUESTLY. By working hand in hand with active members of the DAO, QUESTLY can be sure of a successful partnership with PARASWAP.

The main objectives are the following:


Keep users active with interactive challenges and activities.


Attract new users with enticing quests.


Boost volume and revenue.


Reward loyal users.

Paraswap Christmas Adventure

With the help of Questly COO, Greta, we have drawn up a roadmap for the first season of quests that we want to implement:

  • 25 quests, just like an Advent calendar, from 1 December to 25 December, 1 mission per day

  • Fun and rewarding experience for users

We won’t spoil the planned quests, but we’ve done real research to offer the most interesting ones.

Here’s a sneak peek: quiz, trading competition, …

First trial on Questly

Questly has already started the implementation of several new quests, which we have requested on behalf of Paraswap in order to pioneer community attraction.


The quest season will be announced on the networks and will last 25 days, as explained above. Stikers and Paradigme will work closely with Questly throughout the season.

Stikers and Paradigme will be responsible for managing the Questly Paraswap front pages and writing the quests.

Questly will provide bug support and continue to develop for future seasons.


For this season to be a real success, we need to publish Tweets through Paraswap Twitter. At least:

  • before the launch of the campaign to prepare and engage users

  • for the start

  • at specific dates during the quest season in line with the planned schedule

  • at the end of the season to bring this great event to a close

  • and for rewards distribution


A discord channel will be set up for the occasion to help the community with any difficulties encountered during the seasons.

We ask for a QUESTLY/PARASWAP Christmas Adventure channel to be opened. This will allow users to help each other and discuss the various missions.



After negotiation, for the access of Questly app, the availability of all ready-to-use quests and the development of 8 new quests (including building 2 medium-complexity quests from scratch), Questly is offering the following pricing: $10,000 to be paid in ETH.

ETH Safe wallet: 0xE55c1aA36798DF1BE63dE5Fab4B667c6480b9B56

Pricing details

Stikers & Paradigme:

For managing the Questly campaign, imagining the campaign and the quests that make it up, discussions with Questly, monitoring and providing a final summary of the figures for this first season: $1,500 per person, to be paid in sePSP1 (then migrated to sePSP2 with our own ETH).

ETH wallets: stikers.eth, paradigme.eth

Implementation overview

Already done:

10/12/2023 Video meeting with Greta to discuss the feasibility of our collaboration

10/13/2023 Market study and survey about quests in Crypto

10/16/2023 Over 20 quests sent to the Questly team for feasibility and dev requirements

10/18/2023 Test of Questly app in admin mode

10/25/2023 Feedback from Questly team about quests

11/02/2023 Pricing discussion

11/03/2023 Agreement on the quests scope

11/06/2023 Agreement on the pricing

11/07/2023 Writing the proposal for Paraswap DAO

11/15/2023 Finalization of the campaign schedule


Preparation of Paraswap x Questly interface (colors, visuals)

Development of new quests (Questly team)


Creation of the discord channel (support)

Publication on social networks

Launch of the event

Follow-up and community involvement

Provision of a final summary (figures, …)


For this first season, we really want the prizes to be attractive.

Standings will be determined at the end of the season. Participants will add up points for each mission they complete. Of course, a ranking will be established to determine the winners.

So we thought about different possible rewards

  • $5,000 in $ETH (for the whole leaderboard)

  • Discord roles to access to specific channels

  • NFTs to increase the Paraboost score over an epoch

  • NFTs providing 100% gas refund during one epoch (within the current limit of $500)

  • Commemorative NFTs of this first season


A huge thank you to:


Swaap Financeswaap.finance@SwaapFinance


Website — questly.quest

Twitter — @QuestlyQuest

Telegram — @maxicastello, @GretaAterg

Email — greta@gurulabs.cc

Voting option

  • For
  • Abstain
  • Against

Good morning,
and first of all, congratulations on the research work you’ve already done.

Questly’s intervention didn’t really appeal to me personally, as it was too abstract for my taste.
This more detailed proposal already speaks to me more.

I like the idea of truly personalized quests.

For me, the part we need to focus on is the one you mention:

The point, as always, is to bring more volume and users to ParaSwap, and I think it’s a good idea to capitalize on the improvement in market conditions to try to attract new users.

Quick comment/question, however, on the rewards:

  • I really like the “boosting NFT idea”. Is it easy to set up for December? Aren’t you afraid of negative feedbacks from those whose boost is influenced solely by social escrow factors (i.E creating unfairness)?
  • If some quests are set up to identify ong-term DAO holders/stakers, rewards in sePSP1 could be considered.

Overall in favor.


Thank you for your reply.

Questly has been very professional throughout our exchanges and there is no doubt that they will honour us with superb missions if this winter season sees the light of day!

About rewards, we had indeed thought about what you’re talking about. The idea is to provide all participants with a nft that they can use over a single period.
This will enable everyone who participates to be rewarded on this point. A definite advantage for active DAO participants.
After that, it’s not yet clear whether we’ll be offering bigger boosts to the top ranking groups. This could be an option.

Rewards in Sepsp1 remain sensitive as they can be subject to unstake and selling pressure. The idea is not to put PSP in a bad position. While I understand the approach, we were initially opposed to rewarding in Sepsp1 this first season with Questly.


First of all, congratulations on this fantastic initiative.

Indeed, we still have many activities to carry out to increase our user base and the aura of Paraswap. As Albist says, it’s a very good idea to take advantage of positive market conditions to attract new users.

Moreover, the idea of extending the quests over 25 days, like an advent calendar, will keep participants actively engaged over a month and help them better understand the functioning and added value of Paraswap.
This is in contrast to some quests that last a very short time and only attract farmers seeking rewards, such as airdrop hunters.

Regarding the mentioned gifts, the NFT boosting is a very gaming-oriented approach that I like, but it needs to be well-defined to avoid any sense of unfairness among other long-time stackers.

The boost we offer will need careful calculation.
One approach could be this:
the lower the total paraboost of the winner, the greater the boost granted by the NFT.
Conversely, the higher the winner’s Paraboost, the more the NFT boost is reduced accordingly.

To simplify things and still provide visibility to participants, we could work on boosting in tiers. For example, from one paraboot score to another, the NFT gives +20%, from another to another +40%, and so on.

We could also consider rewards such as one week of trading on the Paraswap platform without fees.
We need to assess the feasibility of such an idea and its potential cost.

In any case, I am in favor of this approach.


Thank you Ben for your very detailed feedback, which is bound to lead to plenty of discussion!
We intend to explain Paraswap in greater depth, so that the protocol and its yield become easier to understand.

The idea of a decreasing Paraboost seems to me to exclude certain large carriers without any further justification.

Indeed, we’re talking about a nft boost that would only last one epoch, that being said, I think that starting from an idea of a fixed % allocated to all participants who have done a minimum number of days of presence and missions, seems to me to be more legitimate.

While I understand the intention, I can’t think of a logical justification that would lead us to make degressive nfts for the wallets that would be the most active or with the most liquidity on the protocol.

That said, the discussion is open and I look forward to reading your arguments.

The free trading week makes sense but we have the GRP, so why not imagine a 100% GRP week (while respecting the 500 doll per epoch limit)? It could be a “minor” gain, but a gain nonetheless, and not very costly for the DAO?

Thanks for the support!


Re: Stickers,

To revisit the NFT boost topic, after careful consideration, it is true that your approach is the right one. Additionally, for a validity period of only one epoch, the counterpart is not expensive for the rest of the stackers.

Unless the reward falls into the hands of a Giga-Whale during Paraswap’s best-recorded month.
But I digress into prediction theory :wink:

Regarding the reimbursement of fees, I infer that the quests will encourage participants to stake in order to benefit from the gas refund.

If this is indeed the case, and it seems logical in view of the quests that will be issued, then once again your approach is correct with the 100% GRP per week (always within the limit of $500).
It’s a minor gain, but it’s still a small gift to add to the list you are preparing :slight_smile:


Well done to all the authors and sponsors of this proposal. The need to keep users engaged and attract new users through education cannot be overemphasized especially as the market dynamics changes.

Paraswap perhaps is the most underrated project in the entire industry when you make a comparison of the suffistication and effectiveness of the Paraswap protocol with the token valuation and public perception. It is for that particular reason that I believe we need to do more to educate the public and to put the project in it’s rightful position in the Industry which is the exact propositions of this proposal.

The idea of rewarding participants with a booster NFT is innovative but the question is do we have enough time to design and impliment such a reward considering the ETA for the quest is Dec1-25. If implimenntation won’t be an issue, then we could focus more on sePSP1 and NFTs as rewards instead of ETH.

While I understand that ETH rewards was meant to avoid sell pressure on PSP, we should also consider source and ease of funding. The DAO’s treasury is already low as it is and we need to keep a decent amount of funds for the future. Rewarding in sePSP1 on the contrary will give new entrant the opportunity to better understand the social escrow model. Moreover, I do not expect a significant sell pressure from a few thousands dollars reward of PSP.

Quest Suggestion
I want to suggest that forum participation and voting on Snapshot be included as part of the quest (if not already considered) to reward regular voters and encourage better participation.

Quest Calendar and Duration
The idea of a month-long quest is perfect to weed out a good number of farmers whose interest are solely farming of rewards.

One area of concern though is the timing of this proposal. Do we have enough time to meet up with the calendar considering that this proposal needs to pass before 1st Dec, 2023 to meetup with proposed time frame?

The budget is reasonable.

Conclusively, I am in support of this initiative.


Thank you for your feedback and your suggestions.

The idea of rewarding participants with a booster NFT is innovative but the question is do we have enough time to design and impliment such a reward considering the ETA for the quest is Dec1-25.

In my opinion, the booster NFT doesn’t necessary need to be active by the end of the calendar. The activation can come later with the implementation, if it can’t be developped before December 25.

The DAO’s treasury is already low as it is and we need to keep a decent amount of funds for the future. Rewarding in sePSP1 on the contrary will give new entrant the opportunity to better understand the social escrow model. Moreover, I do not expect a significant sell pressure from a few thousands dollars reward of PSP.

I agree about the quite “low” DAO’s treasury, even it is highly correlated to a recent voted proposal. However, ETH aren’t spent for now, and the amount indicated (5,000$) seems reasonable.
Rewarding in sePSP1 is a good opportunity to practice the social escrow model (even if we plan a quest for that), and I guess we can take advantage of the quests to ensure some buying pressure.

I want to suggest that forum participation and voting on Snapshot be included as part of the quest (if not already considered) to reward regular voters and encourage better participation.

Of course, we imagined with @stikers some quests to encourage participation to gouvernance, it would require deeper development for Questly, which is limited by the schedule.
We think it could be excellent to put such quests in next Questly campaigns.

One area of concern though is the timing of this proposal. Do we have enough time to meet up with the calendar considering that this proposal needs to pass before 1st Dec, 2023 to meetup with proposed time frame?

You’re right, and this is our main concern. That’s why we chose to start working and discussing with Questly before the proposal and vote. I believe we can launch a vote on next week, if there is consensus in the discussions on this proposal.


Thanks for the clarification. Good luck. You have my support.


Thank you for your proposal!
One of the most important criteria when considering where to run a quest is the potential reach and new user acquisition that it brings.

As of the time of writing, Questly’s twitter account has 285 followers. This is an amount several orders of magnitude smaller than ParaSwap’s. What is the expected participation and results from this quest? How many users do we expect to participate for this proposal to be considered successful?

These questions become especially important when considering the cost of $10 000 in ETH to be paid to Questly fees even before it begins. Considering that nowadays there are many platforms to deploy quests freely, such as Galxe and Rabbithole, it’s strange that Questly would be asking more than any other quest proposal we’ve seen here before. Even if they decide to do a SaaS quote, their price range on https://www.questly.quest/ is from $200 to $2000

Regarding the NFT boost, will questly provide the calculations and code for these additional rewards?


Thanks for the feedback Oxy.

Agree. But it’s also important to reactivate the existing community.

And now it’s 289! How wonderful!
Paraswap has > 100k followers, Rabbithole has 90k followers and Sixdegree has 6000 followers.
Paraswap wrote 2 threads that were reposted by Rabbithole and Sixdegree.

And yet, phase 1 of the quests currently only has 27 participants.
Also, unfortunately, the number of followers is unfortunately not a reliable metric:

  • because real followers can be purchased
  • because it’s very easy to get them by putting the follow of the project and the platform in the first quests.

How many of us remember following Layer3 or another platform of our own free will and not because it was a compulsory quest?

We’re banking on the fun aspect of the quests, away from the usual boring quests. Our partnership with Questly is based on solid foundations in terms of gains for the user. Not just financial gain but also knowledge/educational.

We have several different quests that will follow each other over 25 days. You’ll have to log in every day to increase your points, and above all we want to offer a real learning experience on Paraswap and its partners.

Concerning the pricing. We have asked Questly to develop new quests. Quests that don’t exist on other platforms and that will gamify the experience. The experience will be unique and continuous. Consistency throughout the season will keep users interested and engaged.

The DAO has already experimented with several quests platforms. All on the same basis. Staking during X days in the hope of making money, which is often miserable.

We want to provide Paraswap with a new system, with a complete, diversified season in which users gain skills in their favourite protocol (Paraswap). This knowledge will be an asset for their investment. Many users have not embarked on the social escrow model due to a lack of understanding: you don’t invest if you don’t understand what you’re doing.

We have also established our core market, which is something that has not been done on the other quests submitted to the DAO. It’s difficult if not impossible to convince a user about the value of our protocol by asking them to offer liquidity. It’s totally silly to think like that, but it’s the norm.

So our target audience isn’t only new users, it’s also Paraswap users and current DAO participants. Who better to advertise Paraswap than a seasoned, well-educated user? Certainly not a quest for staking.

We will therefore be highlighting/rewarding current contributors who are able to pass on their knowledge and enthusiasm for Paraswap to their inner circle of investors through these missions.

We’re going to offer CONSISTENCY (and fun ofc) - that’s the key word for these 25 missions!

Initially, Questly wanted to be funded in OP or ARB but… :grimacing::grin: Just joking.
It wasn’t acceptable to pay in PSP like Layer3 and Rabbithole quests did, which weren’t without cost for the DAO despite what you suggest. Far from it, despite the simplicity with which they were set up ($15k for Layer 3, including $7k for users, and $30k for Rabbithole, including 20% for users. All in $PSP…

The $PSP is not intended to be sold or used as payment/reward to be dumped, the liquid assets of our DAO are used for that.

Questly is developing sophisticated quests for Paraswap. It’s not just about simple Repost and Follow on Twitter.

About pricing details, we invite Questly to respond, but the costs are linked to the developments to be produced.

With Stikers, we don’t want another fade/insipid quest campaign. That’s why we’ve asked for additional quests, on top of the existing ones (indeed available for 200$).

About that. I’ve contacted a member of the core team to find out about the development of the Paraboost NFT. I’m waiting to hear back about delivery. The feasibility is not a question.

Questly will not manage rewards. The DAO has sole control over rewards. We’ll have a final update with Questly.
I’ll be able to provide calculations if necessary, I have an engineering diploma, in Data science, as well as a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. :slight_smile:

Furthermore, if this proposal is accepted. I would like to have a commitment from you concerning the creation of discord channels. As well as some Twitter visibility. I’ve written to our Twitter community manager for an initial tweet schedule, but I’m waiting for him to get back to me ;).

In a nutshell. We don’t think Questly is any less legitimate than any other protocol for offering its services. The fact that this partnership includes such fervent supporters of DAO and Paraswap gives it an extraordinary dimension.

Christmas is a unique opportunity to attract users from Twitter. Let’s make the most of it.

Thank you again for the feedback Oxy.


Still 289 :smiley:

Just kidding :slight_smile:

To assess the potential of this campaign, can you list the success metrics? Something rational that we can track and measure.

We need to know what will this campaign bring to ParaSwap in terms of growth, which is the most important thing right now.



Hi Leader Lup!

And now 28 participants on Rabbithole quest! :smiley:

I’m not sure this was asked on the other proposals, but I personally think this is relevant. So we asked Questly if they can provide you an answer.

Personally, I’ve never seen a community grow without existing activity.

When you see a Twitter that reaches a maximum of 50 likes, a discord with the same 20 people chatting, a DAO with 10 active members… it doesn’t make you want to explore more and stay.

Growth has been an important thing for the past two years, yet almost nothing has been done about it. Why are we only concerned about it now? ^^ Do you need the ETH treasury of the DAO for another proposal? Just kidding :slight_smile:

Layer3, Rabbithole and also Questly are not, in my opinion, the best ways to make our community grow, but to make it become active, and on that point, we think Questly has many good points.

Nowadays, to make a community really grow, we can:

  • hire a community manager
  • advertise
  • use influencers
  • have an active community so that people can spread the word :wink:

Thank you for your questions and suggestions.

* giving the mic to Questly team *


Thank you for commenting on this proposal.

Yes, as @Paradigme says, we haven’t explicitly stated any objectives, but @MaxQuestly will be able to answer for us on this point.

For my part, what I can say is that it took me more than a year and a half of work, research and intense monitoring of Paraswap to convince close investors of the merits of the protocol and its legitimacy in the ecosystem.
And another 6 months of answering their questions before they finally took the step of providing liquidity.
So what can we learn from this?
Well, first of all, that “smart” investors about the need to be informed in order to invest (Objective of our quests, information/knowledge/learning).
That the appeal of a protocol is not built over 2 days of quests and Twitter interactions, but over a long period of time, as well as regular interaction with its community.
And finally, that ALL of Paraswap’s current investors are radiation machines that can be used to prospect for new investors/users for Paraswap.

The product alone is not enough to make a company explode. Marketing, after-sales service and the user community all have to be equally effective if the product is to be recognised for its true worth. To think otherwise is to be in deep denial about what business is all about.

Based on this premise, and considering that there is currently no service provider to ensure a marketing dynamic.

In my opinion, we are left with 2 strings to our bow :

Targeted service providers

Such as Layer 3 or Rabbit hole, to name but a few. Their only apparent strength is their ‘community’. They will ask for rather large grants, announce metrics that they have in their possession and have no qualms about delivering shitty work. They have no knowledge of the project and won’t look any further than their basic service.
Let’s face it, Layer3 on optimism was a massive failure. No feedback on the final figures. I went on their discord to ask them to take an interest in our post-quest questions… No feedback.
There are plenty of failures and they’re good for progress, but you still have to agree to discuss them and take stock of the situation.
The bottom line is that using these service providers on a sleeping, unattractive community like Paraswap is a waste of resources. It’s a waste of money, but I already mentioned it in their proposal at the time.


The cheapest and most suitable resource for conveying Paraswap information at the moment is the DAO.
We have undertaken to bring this DAO to light thanks to the Troopers, of which I have been a member. For the moment (IMO), the problem with the Troopers remains the lack of resources and, above all, the lack of contacts in this very closed world of the DEFI. For example, it was impossible to acquire the LENS protocol needed to open up the ParaswapDAO networks and make them secure.
Nevertheless, the DAO continues to work at its own level to advance the protocol. Albist and its restructuring proposals, Dseeker and its monthly summaries, Chab/Xut and their availability for discussions, to name but a few. And now Paradigme and I, who have been working in the shadows for over a month in close collaboration with Questly.
Unlike faceless protocols, we are putting our reputation on the line today. We’re putting our time and energy into working with Paraswap to try and create a partnership that reflects what ‘we’ (users and investors in mind) would like to see happen with this project.
I took the initiative of canvassing more than 20 partner projects in order to offer a different range of rewards to participants and also with a view to strengthening existing partnerships between Paraswap and these different protocols… 10% success rate but 2 protocols that are delighted to share their experience with us…

25 Quests, 25 days, 1 objective. Understand why it is worthwhile and necessary to invest in Paraswap. Or to stay and talk about it

Will it bring in 10K, 100k, 1M more liquidity/Users? I personally can’t say.

Are we doing and will we do everything to ensure that the users who take part are delighted with the experience? I can personally guarantee that.

Will we be here on this proposal to take full responsibility for the success or failure of this season and take the necessary step back to move forward? I can personally assure you of that.

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Hi @Lup ,

I am Greta, COO of Questly :slight_smile: , I want to share that we only created Questly by working with ClipperDEX on running their Adventures. By doing that, we helped them achieve 8.5X in trade volume during the campaigns by focusing on giving a great experience to the existing community and not just inviting new people to trade primarily. So, we believe in activating communities and rewarding loyalty rather than growing numbers that don’t translate into value. Hope this helps, thanks

I saw this proposal and I was sceptical as it seemed a bit superficial but those replies only made me sure that this will be just waste of money and energy.

I have an engineering diploma, in Data science, as well as a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics

Congrats, but what is your marketing experience ?

And now 28 participants on Rabbithole quest!

AFAIK, Rabbithole is run by 6degree and not by the core team, at least what I can see in the proposal. It’s obviously not working and action should be taken, but repeating the mistake is a recipe for failure…

Growth has been an important thing for the past two years, yet almost nothing has been done about it.

I see billions in volume, hundreds of thousand users, 7 figures in fees, many major partnerships… you call that “nothing has been done about it” ?


Are we seriously comparing ParaSwap to a failed project ?

I will be very upset to see such a weak proposal going through, especially with all this disrespect for the core team :unamused:

You were last involved in DAO 1 year ago.
I doubt that you are up to date on the development of the DAO Paraswap and the involvement of the members who are behind this project.

What repetition are you talking about ? This response shows that you haven’t read either our proposal or the answers to our questions. Or maybe you just didn’t understand. :slight_smile:

You confuse everything. Would you like me to list the lousy projects supported via layer3? … Please, stay focused on the ideas behind this proposal. The work carried out between Questly and Clipper has been a success. That’s the important point

Your only reflection is on the feedback given to the core team. Your opinion is subjective. Let’s stay focused, it has no place here.

A detailed and well-founded proposal, as few have done in the last 2 years for this type of request^^

We’re defending points that weren’t highlighted in the quest protocol proposals.
We appreciate this preferential treatment, but we think we’re more legitimate than layer3 or rabbithole, who know nothing about Paraswap :slight_smile:


You should take the whole quote, since I was answering about calculations:
The answer was: “I’ll be able to provide calculations if necessary, I have an engineering diploma, in Data science, as well as a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics.”

But thank you for asking. As an engineer, I have to know a bit about marketing. But for sure, I’m not CMO of Apple! Actually, no one is currently doing anything about Marketing, so we think, with our courage, and a loooooot of our time, we should do something for our community. Sorry for trying.

Correct. That’s why we don’t want to repeat all of this. Innovation is THE word.

I was obviously dealing with the community aspect. The tech / the protocol is very good, and that’s why we’re all here, and that’s why we’re using Paraswap to swap tokens. But, all the networks are quite inactive. So here’s my figures again: barely 50 likes on major posts on X, around 20 active members on Discord and half on the governance. Don’t you think, it should, no, it deserves to be a lot more?

“weak proposal”… such a disrespect for all the hours we are working on it to make it a success.
I don’t see any disrespect for the core team.

I’m proud to be on Paraswap and I want to make it even more recognized. The team is doing an excellent work. But we know this is difficult to be excellent working on the protocol, on the product, and on the community aspect. That’s why we’re offering to help with Questly.

If this is about me joking about the ETH and Lup, this is a part of who I am, a joker.
But trust me, we’re working very hard to make Paraswap Christmas Adventure a fun, educational and valuable experience for all the community!

However, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for your quick response.

“weak proposal”… such a disrespect for all the hours we are working on it to make it a success.
I don’t see any disrespect for the core team.

Not what I meant at all. Full respect for your effort, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that the outcome is good… I’m kind of a disbeliever in the labour theory of value

no one is currently doing anything about Marketing

A tier 1 protocol with multi billions of $ in volume + millions of users and you’re telling me that no one is doing marketing :thinking:

So here’s my figures again: barely 50 likes on major posts on X, around 20 active members on Discord and half on the governance. Don’t you think, it should, no, it deserves to be a lot more?

If you keep saying that those numbers are bad… Why not set a target to beat these and make ParaSwap more popular ?

Who are you and what do you want?
Your only interventions on the DAO are to support core team messages.

You have 37 minutes of reading time under your belt in 1 year and 4 interventions, 3 days connexions… All to support the core team.

Your comments are unfounded and completely evasive.

I doubt the veracity of your profile and the validity of your comments.
Nobody’s fighting the core team here, so your pseudo-defence is useless.
We’re here dao and we’re committed to promoting the protocol.

Please give the floor to those who have read our proposal and these answers. So that we can build on the debate.