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Maximiliano Castello


Questly is a white-label quest hub. We’re building the next level of marketing experience for Web3 by gamifying community engagement.

Questly will allow you to:

  1. Concentrate your community in one place and put them to compete with different types of quests;

  2. Protect your data - our competitors sell your info and your user’s;

  3. Keep your brand. With similar tools, you’ll see the most time your holders spend on your project ends up being away from your brand.

It’s completely customizable. Let’s you to imprint your style in every moment of interaction.

Best part? We’ll build it for you. For free. No commitment.

Second best part? 1st month is free.

Goals & review


Keep users active with interactive challenges and activities.


Attract new users with enticing quests that boost sign-ups.


Boost sales and revenue by offering On-chain trade competitions.


Reduce churn by appreciating loyal users with rewards.


It seems ParaSwap could leverage reactivating past users. Since we built a product that efficiently reengaged 81% of the Clipper community, we thought you’d be interested in testing us out.

Especially for web3 projects that understand the importance of engaging their community. Other quest products can redirect your users to your competitor and still charge you for it. We want you to keep your community invested in your project long-term.

Implementation Overview

  1. Create a mockup for you.
  2. Have a meeting where we will show them the product and how it works.
  3. Create the type of competition you want.
  4. Invite your community and enjoy.

Other Considerations

We also offer other services such as:

  • Trading competitions.

  • In-House Quests.

  • Integrate another Quests Tools.


Website —

Twitter —

Telegram — @maxicastello

Thank you for your suggestion. I’m tired of quests myself.

We already have “clique” who must make his proposal.
In addition, your reach seems very limited in view of your networks.

I’m sorry, but I’m not thrilled.


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Thank you for your proposal.

First, the title is not explanatory and doesn’t follow the format of our proposals. Any proposal that is posted on the governance forum begins with PIP-XX if it is a standard proposal or EIP-XX for express proposals.

Moreover, I do not see a budget, success metrics and a clear representation of what type of quest you are proposing and what Paraswap stands to gain from such quest. For instance, increased PSP trading volume by atleast so and so percentage or increased stakers on Ethereum or Optimism.

The aforementioned is just to discuss your proposal. Conclusively, we recently completed an Optimism quest in partnership with Layer3 and have another ongoing quest with another partner. So, this is not something we want to do at this time in my opinion. Come up with a killer proposal with pinpoint deliverables that will lead to increased yield, increased PSP trading volume and increased token value and you’ll have the attention of the community.

Okay, I’ve looked into your product more seriously. I’ve noticed the playfulness of the Clipper page.

I think it could be interesting for Paraswap.
My questions are as follows:

What are the limits of the system? Can we envisage everything? Any idea for a quest?
How many queries can we consider per month? As many quests as we want?
How much does it cost to subscribe to your service? Is it an annual/monthly payment? Are there different offers?

Despite my initial reluctance, your product appeals to me and is sure to increase the loyalty of Paraswap contributors.

I think you need someone from Paraswap to be in charge of the Paraswap page and trained to create content for it?
Looking forward to hearing from you



Hey Stikers,

To answer some of your questions:

  1. The only thing that limits the experience it’s how much you would be willing to invest on it. We can create anything for your, like we did for Clipper.

  2. Idea of a Quest: we can run a trade competition for you, for free. So you can test it out. This will drive engagement and swaps for you. No commitment :slight_smile:

  3. Model: we work mainly by custom-building quests or a SaaS subscription. Costs depend on goals and the size of your community. I’d be happy to introduce you to our COO, Greta, she can hop on a call with you and understand your needs better.

Last but not least, we also offer CM services, so if you don’t want the involved you don’t have to. We do everything for you.

Please pick any time available here: Calendly - Greta Gradella

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Okay, great! Sorry for the inconvenience.

There’s no inconvenience so there’s no reason to apologize. I am a DAO member just like many others. My comments are my opinion…they don’t necessarily mean the opinion of others.

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