PSP-IPΔ26 Establishment of a Governance Committee and Decentralisation Governance Roadmap

As stated in the PSP-IPΔ26 that created them, the ParaTroopers “will be champions for ParaSwap with a mission to further the decentralisation of the protocol and be responsible for:

  • Being an interface for those looking to learn more or integrate with ParaSwap Protocol
  • Provide technical support
  • Assist with governance proposals before posting to the forum
  • Manage contributors to the DAO and its surrounding community”

The ParaTroopers initiative started with epoch 4 and is part of the PSP 2.0 Pilot which will be completed and reviewed at the end of epoch 6.

First, a reminder of the roles self-assigned by ParaTroopers:

@Xrivijayan - Protocol marketing and tokenomics (left after Epoch 5, thanks for your ideas!)

@Xutyr - Developer support and technical assisting

@Bach - Developer support and technical assisting

@dseeker - Community newsletter and onboarding

@stikers - Community support and onboarding (left after trial ended, thanks for all your work!)

@Albist - Governance Procedures and community support

Here is a little recap of ParaTroopers’ activity:

Community support

Xut & Chab, our brave technicians are regularly bringing support in the discord.

The majority of the community’s technical requests are managed by these two nerds.

This indirectly increases the volume and number of possible routes for ParaSwap.

The rest of the ParaTroopers support the more traditional and less technical questions from the community.

Governance process

PSP-IPΔ33 : Governance framework and parameters adjustments + support community members through their proposal PIP-35.

Governance is still in its infancy, and the framework voted through is intended to simplify and increase participation.

A platform is being studied to bring together all the information needed to understand the DAO.

DAO communication

dseeker & albist created article & twitter threads to raise awareness of ParaSwap, and dseeker produced an “epochly” recap of the DAO activity.

ParaTroopers, while continuing to support the community on the existing social tool (mainly discord), want to embrace their role as a voice for the ParaSwap DAO, it’s why the PIP-35 created several official DAO tools to empower this wish.

The aim is to extend ParaSwap and its DAO, while improving the principles of clarity and transparency to make it easier for new users to access PSP2.0 and social escrow.

The main support activity on the ParaTroopers discord, which began long before the remuneration structure was introduced, will continue after the end of this trial period.

A separate proposal from the ParaTroopers will be created on the forum to propose the renewal of a new period for the ParaTroopers. This proposal will take account of the problems encountered and suggest improvements.