Paraswap Aura Incentives Recap Q1-24

Hey folks,

As per this proposal, we have allocated 5,000$ with of BAL and OP and weekly basis since early January (for a total of 1.6M PSP and 18,810 OP). The following post is a recap of the results:

  • The campaign has still 2 more weeks but is estimated to have consumed 65.8% of the total budget;
  • So far (70% of the duration of the initial program), it has earned Paraswap 21,160 AURA as well as ~39,700$ of OP and BAL who are progressively being DCA’d into sePSP1 by Mean Finance. This represents of a total of 60,781$ earned, or 24% profit as of now;
  • The DCA took some time to be deployed but in the past two weeks it has processed 1.9k OP and 1980 BAL into 462,500 sePSP1 that will be distributed to sePSP2 stakeholders.


  • The DCA will likely last another month with the current incentives in place;
  • First sePSP1 distribution will likely happen next round (current harvest would grow by 17% the rewards for each user);
  • Considering the efficiency of the strategy we believe unspent reward should be recycled into a an additional 4 weeks;

Thank you for these valuable informations

How about locking AURA tokens in veAURA and vote for our pool with it?

In addition, and given the very high yield that we manage to extract from the AURA program, how about re-allocating the same amount ($10k weekly) and extend for 10 weeks ?


We definitely can, but right now we are getting over 1.5M Aura votes, so we need way more to sustain the rythm.

What is the process to get this running?

According the little buy pressure occuring with the buyback … It would be better to stop it and sell OP/BAL for more AURA to lock them again and vote for the PSP pools (and continue to bribe on Quest).

Option 2: sell OP/BAL for MAV (or a futur Convex Like) to expand on a new DEX, it could be very profitable (and bribes on Quest once Maverick launches the gauge system and is integrated into Quest).

Imo right now we should focus on what works, what we think is the most reasonable is first to finish the voted budget over the next 6 weeks and then create a new proposal exploring these avenues.


Considering feedbacks, we will finish using the previously allocated budget and post a proposal to make the strategy more long term

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