Paraswap Airdrop with CMC

I realized we not have much exposure going on, we need to launch a new airdrop (i don’t mean a lot airdrop) we can do small like CMC Airdrop

This airdrop only needs small amount of PSP, probably worth like $50k
the small airdrop like this will increase our:
user growth

CMC have 2 options;

  1. CMC Airdrop (to gain more followers on social media)
    This event only requires social media, so people wanna join this event need to follow ParaSwap social media account like Twitter and they got rewarded randomly. There will be a maximum cap on this event like 1k-10k people (is up to use, we can set that) I will send the photo under the text
  2. CMC Learn & Earn (to gain more insight about Paraswap)
    This event requires people to complete the quiz, the quiz is a question about the ParaSwap project is can be anything that is related to ParaSwap, and yeah of course they need to follow our social media too. If you wanna gain more insight I recommend you to this, BUT I don’t think is easy to reach the CMC with this Event, you can try contact to him ASAP to how we can do this, cause what i see the past evet only from a big project like Sandbox, Near, Folder.

and to pay less fee, we can distribute on BSC or polygon chain

this past event SOLO with CMC, 50k people joined this event and SOLO only put $50k worth of their token as a reward

imagine gift 10k people (new holder) with $5 and gain 50k people that could be interested and tell another people about our project, is insane


We did this with the participation of pillar, but we did not achieve significant success.
The real problem for our project is the influencers, I do not know what to do with them?

Again a brilliant idea to gain followers, volume, and trust.


that’s a good idea but i think its not the time , maybe when we are on bull market it affects more.