OP Grant Application - Initial Setup and Guidance of the ParaTrooper Contributor structure - Burns

Project Name

Discord - Burns#2854

Grant Proposal

Proposal is to appoint Burns to a compensated position for the initial setup and guidance of the ParaTrooper Contributor structure and ParaSwap’s OP funded Grants Program.

PSP-IPΔ25 approved the ParaTrooper Contributor structure. This structure requires substantial setup and coordination in order to create a sustainable system. This proposal elects Burns to assist the DAO by setting up initial infrastructure and guide the initial phase. This proposal covers an initial 3 month duration which includes:

  1. Champion the ParaTrooper contributor structure
  • Setup: defining communication processes, initial onboarding, and setup tooling. Identify and establish other processes as necessary.
  • Recurring: chair weekly ParaTrooper calls, assist inter-DAO coordination, manage Coordinape circle, conduct monthly contributor temp checks, complete on/offboarding.
  1. Setup and manage the DAO budget
  • Define ongoing DAO costs and monitor burn rate. Specifically, create budget proposals posted for community vote that ensure the DAO will have a sustainable treasury to operate and grow for 48 months (product market fit generally needs to occur in 2 yrs to avoid burnout but we’ve seen standard crypto cycle being 4 yrs so it is prudent to ensure sufficient runway for this eventuality).
  1. Steward the ParaSwap OP Funded Grants Program
  • As part of the approved PSP-IPΔ25 - Deployment of PSP to Optimism, a grant selection process was introduced to distribute PSP and OP to further integrations with ParaSwap and Optimism. This is funded through an approved grant from Optimism for 450,000 OP with 50% dedicated to new dApp and app developers that integrate ParaSwap into their swaps and interact directly with the Optimism ecosystem. Engagement for grant applications has been low, stewardship of this grant program would include researching and proposing solutions to improve applicant numbers and suitability for funding.


  • Develop initial DAO Documentation (Code of Conduct , contributor nomination framework, onboarding/offboarding)
  • Setup DAO notion page and coordinate with ParaTroopers to maintain (will require subscription funding from a ParaSwap entity)
  • Setup Coordinape circle on behalf of ParaSwap DAO
  • Develop and maintain DAO budget in collaboration with the community and associated proposals
  • Grants program development
  • Monthly report on deliverables progress

Grant Category

Social Escrow Research. Uses that are directly related to improving the experience in Optimism of either the ParaSwap protocol or the DAO.

A dedicated, contributor-run DAO can champion the introduction of sePSP2, iterating through the trial period in order to create the best possible implementation of Social Escrow. The ParaTroopers are key to improving the ParaSwap protocol and by extension, the Optimism Ecosystem.

Optimism Alignment

ParaSwap is incentivizing growth within the Optimism ecosystem by encouraging integrations and developments within this L2 using grants. The development of a grants program to focus on funding suitable projects is a major component of this proposal with the intended outcome of moving DAO activities towards Optimism.

ParaSwap Alignment

Expanding ParaSwap DAO is critical to champion the success and adoption of sePSP2.0. The approved pathway for this is the addition of GovCo and the ParaTroopers which requires the setup of processes/docs and some initial guidance.

Amount of OP + PSP requested

Requested funding is: 4,500 USD in OP + 15,000 PSP per month for 3 months for a total of 13,500 USD in OP + 45,000 PSP with all PSP to be locked in to sePSP2 each month paired with my own ETH, minimizing sell pressure.

As seen from these duties, this appointment is a major commitment of time which I estimate at 26-28 hrs per week. The requested funds have been kept moderate to respect the early stage of the ParaSwap DAO.

This is to be paid out by the ParaSwap multisig upon receipt of a monthly progress report within 7 days of the end of each month (or 30 day period depending when snapshot vote is passed).

Wallet Address for payment and to lock sePSP2:

Success Metrics

  1. Onboard 5+ ParaTroopers
  2. Each ParaTrooper is adding 3+ quality adds to the project (eg. Governance proposal, marketing material, technical support etc). ParaTroopers will review and confirm all developed materials through Coordinape circle contributions.
  3. At least 1 ParaTrooper is providing critical feedback to every Governance Forum post
  4. Coordinape Circle is funded and maintained
  5. DAO runway is established and approved
  6. 5+ Grant proposals posted per month
  7. Monthly reports submitted promptly detailing important deliverables progress

Other Ecosystem Roles / Background

Balancer Grants Co-lead and Baller in Balancer DAO. ParaSwap is an integrator of Balancer.
Examples of previous deliverables:

10yrs experience as a project manager
Degree qualified mechanical engineer

Voting Options

  1. For the appointment of Burns as per this Proposal
  2. Against
  3. Abstain

** Edited 16 Mar 2023 as per comments below


Hey Burns,

I thought that @0xYtocin would have taken this role to launch the new DAO organisation.
But in the end, that it is someone outside the foundation who participated upstream in the creation of this structure makes sense in terms of legitimacy and decentralization.

The 3 axes of the role you would take on are clear.

I suppose that it is a pre-thought choice during the preparation of this structure and that it is not a call for candidates. That this proposal is mainly to define the budget that will be allocated to your role. It doesn’t disturb me, it is necessary to start with known bases and your experience and your implication in the creation of the ParaTroopers makes me say that you will know how to hold this role.

Then comes the always sensitive question of money.
The grant requested is equivalent to a monthly salary of about 6000$ (at the moment with the price of $PSP) for about 28 hours of work/week.
I do not question your experience or your ability to perform your role effectively, but I would like to have an idea of the average remuneration in DAO to verify if the amount requested is reasonable (I will do some research).
It already seems high to me, I must admit that the quote below scares me a little ^^

The comparison with ParaTroopers can also be easily made, but the implication (in time for ParaTroopers) not being defined, and the responsibilities not being the same, I don’t think it is necessary to take it into account for the moment.

I would be curious to hear from other DAO members who may have more experience, who work or have worked in DAOs.

I may just not be used to the value of working in a DAO, and my personal assessement may not be revealing (you will have understood that in hourly rate I was far from this amount during my previous DAO experience!).
Also the OP grant may not need to be managed with the same care as the $PSP allocation.

Do you fit the role ? YES !
Is the requested budget reasonable? TBD IMO


The difference between this potential new role and @0xYtocin current role is unclear to me, other than the fact that this role is taken from the DAO budget.

I ask myself the exact same question, can you explain how you came up with that amount?

Once again, same observation, huge difference 10X ratio between your role and a paratrooper.


Hello Burns,

I’m not questioning your DAO skills at all in the following lines but I’m wondering about a few things.

I’ll follow the general mood, namely, what is the difference between your work and @0xYtocin ?

Also, I personally had in mind that the Troopers would be a “single level” team with @0xYtocin at the head of the thread who is at the heart of DAO at the moment from my point of view obviously, at least for the start.

Considering 10 troopers at $525 a month who would all, depending on their skills be allocated to one of the points you develop. This is still below your personal remuneration. It’s a simplistic calculation but some contributors have a lot of knowledge that they want to put to good use.
The question is, are you the only one who can claim to do what you are detailing today?
More generally, I find the DAO job market to be very complex and extremely competitive due to its youth.

Experience in a DAO is undoubtedly a significant plus in order to quickly acclimatise to the exercise. But one’s skills in the traditional world are a plus. Who can claim to be worth 6K monthly when others get 525$ and anonymous contributors/stakers 0$.

The idea I have of the DAO is an investment of the whole community, carried by a team that will be able to draw conclusions and make proposals from this common intellectual investment. In addition to the strong proposals of the team of holders.
As a result, it seems to me very complex from the start of Troopers to claim 6k$ per month when the strength of the proposal comes from the community. (This is my personal opinion and not a truth I agree)

As for MIMIC, I found the request for remuneration excessive at first, but after explanations, it seemed that it was quite adequate to the effort and the result provided.

I will therefore be delighted to read the explanation that you will give us to justify the usefulness of the post and its remuneration.

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Hey everyone, I’ve gotten a lot of pings from this thread, so I wanted to add a small clarification on my side regarding the confusion from some members!

Regarding the paratroopers, like mentioned in the original proposal I am still going to partake in helping with the selection of the first batch of troopers, and burns has offered to assist with this as well to minimise my individual biases in the selection process. In the future, existing paratroopers will ideally be the ones who internally select when to onboard and offboard a member into the initiative, as they will be the ones assessing each other’s merits through coordinape after all!

In a similar vein, I am still going to be taking part in the DAO with the exact same commitment and duties as I had before, so worry not! Rather than replacing me, from my understanding this grant will focus more on burns setting up and formalising the structures for grants and budgets in a somewhat similar way to Balancer Grants , as well as lending their expertise to the paratroopers similar to Ballers.

Other than these clarifications, I’d prefer to let the DAO decide the rest of the points of the proposal to minimise any potential conflicts of interest. I am aware that I play a significant role in this DAO, so I’d like to minimise my influence in deciding on proposals that are also regarding other major contributors to the DAO, but I am already glad to see such civil discussion so far!


Appreciate the feedback, a DAO that weighs up costs and holds contributors to account for their value add is a healthy one. I understand that this proposal may set a precedent for future roles so I’m happy to work through what is deemed a reasonable ask.

To compare with other DAOs, Balancer “Maxis” are renumerated 1,800 BAL / month which fluctuates between ~$10k - $13k depending on BAL price proposal for Q1 2023 here plus a share of 5,000 BAL ($5.5- $7.5 USD/BAL) in the coordinape circle amongst all Ballers. As a more developed DAO, I believe this would be on the high end of compensation and would not expect ParaSwap to use this as a target but serves as a point of reference and hopefully lower eyebrows when looking at my request. I’d be very interested to know where this sits amongst other DAOs.

My ask specifically is calculated from ~125hrs/month @ $40/hr taking the liquid OP as a $5,000 salary and HODLing the PSP/sePSP. I would deem this as a moderate ask for a professional role with a clearly defined scope and experience to deliver. I won’t compare this to consulting rates as I don’t think it’s a constructive comparison and is generally used as an anchoring technique to justify large asks. There will also be time assisting as additional things come up over and above the scope outlined in my proposal that I will gladly cover. My time will be split between ParaSwap and Balancer Grants - no “wagie” as such so I have the time to dedicate to this and will have the availability to be very flexible with hours.

I am open to reducing my PSP component to be inline with ParaTroopers so I don’t gain a disproportionate amount of sePSP. Given the wallets that exist, I don’t see my share affecting the outcomes of governance votes but I am happy to offer this.

The ParaTroopers are the next logical step in building the DAO and is a way to begin compensating contributors and attract more talent which may lead to more significant roles. As the DAO grows and clear roles begin to emerge, I believe suitable remuneration for these will likely follow but will require specific responsibilites and deliverables/metrics to be defined.

Thank you @0xYtocin for clearing up a few things, that his role in the DAO is not changing and my role is more setting up these new structures and supporting the ParaTroopers. I could have been more clear about this in my proposal.

I am of course open to further feedback, looking forward to finding a workable solution.

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Thanks for your answer!
I haven’t specifically found any comparisons in terms of salary in other DAOs, but the feedback I’ve gotten tends to validate the grant amount requested as a reasonable amount.
I still have some work to do to sort out the crypto and non-crypto work conditions (:
So I personally no longer have any reservations at this level.

As you can imagine I have more questions !

Accepting this grant will make you the first and highest “employee” (if you can call it that) of the DAO.
The ParaTroopers (that will then come) will have objectives that you will supervise and manage their onboarding/offboarding before the system become internal as 0xytocin mentionned.

Regarding your application, is there a monitoring of the progress of the deliverables and success metrics planned?
Or would only the renewal of the grant in 3 months be the judge of peace?
I had imagined to propose you a variable according to the objectives (arbitrarily 4000$ fixed and 2000$ per month to be validated according to the achieved objectives). But this application is probably too difficult because there would be no monthly intermediate control of the progress of the objectives and there would be no control body to do this follow-up (My assumptions).
So unless the idea seems feasible to you, I won’t insist on it for now.
Nevertheless, integrating in the “success metrics” a monthly report on the progress of the activities would be useful I think (even if not linked to the compensation).

Finally, and perhaps most importantly. Despite your experience in other projects and your participation in the recent proposals, I feel like I discovered you with this proposal and your first post on the discord introducing it a few days ago.
I think that having “known” you before as a member of the DAO would have changed my first glance on your proposal.

That being said, since your request seems reasonable in terms of amount, that the 3 month duration is short, I will personally vote for this grant and wish you good luck if the vote is accepted.

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Thank you for your response Burns.

Like Albist, I agree with him on the pricing, which seems consistent after research and discussion.

However, I remain dubious about the role you have automatically assigned to yourself as “leader” of the Troopers.

Doubtful, not in view of your work at Balancer but in view of your unknown status at Paraswap.

Let’s not forget that a DAO concerns all the stakeholders and assets of a protocol.
Perhaps you have the necessary qualities and reputation at Balancer, but apart from co-signing a proposal for Troopers at PSP, what else have you done?

So it is more the form than the substance that I question here, why do the first troopers need a “leader” when the missions are not yet defined?
Isn’t there a possibility to have leaders who take shape during the first epochs because of their involvement and work?
Do the troopers need a leader? Or will the skills of each individual not be enough to do the work you suggest?
So many questions that invite me to remain cautious about your position even before a group has been formed.

I repeat, it seems that few people know you here. To lead a team, skills are not the only assets, credibility and popularity are also required, but today do you think you are credible and popular enough to claim this title directly at Paraswap?

I have the exact same feeling

Worthwhile questions!

re: Monitoring of Success Metrics
The DAO multisig in lieu of a preferred group (potentially the onboarded ParaTroopers?) would assess whether I am meeting the Success Metrics layed out in my proposal and it would be up to me to prove I am meeting their expectations. A monthly report is a good medium suggestion for this justification. It would also include a summary of the monthy contributor health check. A couple of the metrics outlined are goals for the end of the appointment, specifically 5 & 6. These success metrics have been established as initial goals and will be re-evaluated monthly with the evolving needs of the DAO.

re: Performance Evaluation

It is crucial that DAOs have the ability to evaluate the performance of projects such as this. Within 7 days of the close of the month, I will produce a report outlining tasks accomplished as well as progress towards metrics. If work is not completed to standard, it will be up to the DAO multisig (or by community vote) to withhold payment and decide if the appointment is to continue.

re: Leadership
I’d be hesitant to call this position anything synonymous with “DAO leader”. DAOs will have contributors who rise up into major roles and take on influence, but no single person should be guiding the DAO and I would not assume this responsiblity especially given my short history with ParaSwap. My value lies in setting up the intial structures to allow the DAO to then grow organically. This initial 3 months appointment will be spent working to get these structures and processes to operate sustainably as the DAO forms established structures.

The firm I work with lead by Kristen Stone was asked to advise ParaSwap on legal and organizational structures that are most effective for DAOs. Through the course of this engagement, we discussed the importance of creating sustainable processes for the DAO. Throughout conversations with @0xYtocin it became clear that this role - focused on creating long-term sustainable processes - would add value for ParaSwap as well as the DAO.


My late response to this proposal has given me the needed time to research some elements of this proposal especially the associated cost implication.

That said, despite your relatively short involvement with the Paraswap DAO, your experience and contribution on balancer DAO will make the initial set up of the coordinape circle and the unboarding of the Paratroopers easier.

Like other esteemed DAO members have expressed, I do have some reservations though.

Re: $6000 Monthly Payment
I think $6,000 monthly salary is largely disproportionate to the proposed monthly salary of Paratroopers which is set at around $500 per month and the $1000 per month for GovCo members. You would agree with me that the GovCo responsibilities and position puts them at the top of the pyramid of the DAO workforce and their renumeration should as such be one of the highest. In comparison to obtainable payment on other DAO, $6000 is arguable within the range of moderate fee for such position. Balancer’s ballers for instance are paid between $2500 - $5000 per month depending on commitment level. ParaswapDAO however is just trying out DAO contributor reward and should therefore be mindful of setting precedents.

Re: $5000 to be Paid in Liquid OP
While I understand that payment of larger percentage of the reward in OP would reduce the sell pressure on psp, I am not sure this particular proposal falls under the category of activities that we can use the DAO’s OP allocation for. The ParaswapDAO OP grant proposal had 3 objectives, namely:

Fund grants for apps/dApps that use ParaSwap and Optimism

Reward DexLib integrations done on Optimism

Provide liquidity for a psp/op pool

Details of the proposal here

Conclusively, this is a great proposal and your expertise would be a great addition to the DAO.

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I just catching up all the discussion.

I will personally vote for. Your experiences and plans looks logical to me.

However, I also find the gap between the ParaTroopers salary and your is disproportionate.
You had indicated some success metrics that can be use as target to justify this salary as bonus.
So I would suggest:

  • A base salary close to ParaTroopers or GovCo
  • The ParaTroopers and GovCo members work with you the bonus amount for each success measure
  • The ParaTroopers and GovCo approve or not if you achieve the target, that will unlock your bonus.

How many hours per week do you dedicate to being “Balancer Grants Co-lead and Baller in Balancer DAO”?
How do you plan to, in addition, dedicate with consistency 26 to 28 hours per week to ParaSwap DAO?


re: Compensation
I think @albist addressed the compensation difference well.

GovCo members would not be commiting a comparitive amount of time as my proposal. I would estimate their time contributed would be at a higher compensation rate due to their position and responsibilities.

This is true for Ballers, however Maxis (an elected group of ballers with higher level of commitment and responsiblity) are compensated 1,800 BAL / month which fluctuates between ~$10k - $13k depending on BAL price proposal for Q1 2023 here plus a share of 5,000 BAL (@$5.5- $7.5 USD/BAL) in the coordinape circle amongst all Ballers.

I would ideally continue to contribute to ParaSwap beyond this engagement in a role whose description and compensation would be defined through this engagement (alongside DAO roles), however this proposal is for a finite parcel of work and associated deliverables.

re: Hours
I commit 18-20 hrs with Balancer per week. A total average commitment between the two projects of 46 hrs is a sustainable ask to perform with consistency. This will form my full-time employment. The reason for taking these two roles specifically, and no others, are to ensure I can commit fully and use synergies between the two projects that assist this to be more manageable.

re: OP Alignment
Given a major part of this role is to move DAO activities towards Optimism and to setup and champion the OP funded grants program which is to “incentivise the development of tools that help access the liquidity depth of the Optimism ecosystem”, I remain confident this is a suitable avenue for compensation and I have run this by a couple OP delegates without resistance. If information comes through contradicting this, we can revisit.

The deliverables I have proposed are not confined to the 3 month engagement but are designed to overhaul ParaSwap’s road to decentralization. The purpose of decentralization for ParaSwap is anti-fragility, defined as the capability to thrive as a result of stressors, faults, attacks or failures. The establishment of the ParaTroopers, setting up these structures and furthering a community to ensure there are no single points of failure or targets are imperative to ParaSwap’s continued success. This process is not a quick fix, it will need to grow and it is important to get this right early.

I will wait for other applications to reassess your application.

I am of the opinion that Troopers can gravitate to oxy in the first instance.

Once the missions are defined and the needs to carry them out. It will be necessary to define a profile capable of meeting the obligations that will be imposed.

You are presenting yourself I think a little in advance.
You could also have joined the troopers. Showing your skills and asking for a re-evaluation of your status based on the first reports?

I’m not comfortable with your haste, and the 46 hour week doesn’t make me feel any better.
I will therefore wait for the first troopers to make a return of need before considering voting for the recruitment of profiles like yours.


I will confine my comments to what I think are important but underdiscussed aspects of this proposal, since plenty of other people have already gone through the more controversial parts on salary.

I think this is an incredibly important function for the DAO - essentially Paraswap’s CFO, managing budgeting, spending controls and accounting. It would be good to understand:

  1. Any previous experience with DAO budgeting and finance experience overall
  2. Who is currently handling this on the Paraswap team and existing processes (if any)

I’ve seen a few other DAOs get rekt by bad budgeting (Sushi being a cautionary example) so this is a critical function to nail.

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Me too. It looks like you were not involved/interested in Paraswap. And now that there is a free seat (and an important seat), you appear. I am not against you Burns, but maybe you could present a resume of what you done, and infos that we can verify. As the owner/manager of an 4* sup hotel (+50 employees), I never recruit someone without having been able to correctly verify the information provided during the various job interviews.


Exactly, and we could also suggest that this position cannot only be occupied by someone who has been a member of the paratroopers for a minimum of 6 months or even a minimum of 1 year, for example.

Hey all, I understand the negative connotation of first time posters on an forum so I don’t blame dedicated Paraswap community members to scrutinize my comments. The reason I am commenting is to help instill confidence in burns’ abilities to deliver as a leader of a decentralized communities initiative to expand contributor structures.

Burns and myself have been co-leads of Balancer’s grants program for 1 year now and worked closely together throughout the process. We have shipped & funded multiple high value projects for Balancer including Time Weighted Average Market Making contracts, various custom / managed / boosted pool types, and small scale documentation / marketing initiatives. Point being, he is a phenomenal do-er and liaison of a wide array of people and I think he will bring immense value to any DAO which welcomes him.

Some highlights Burns has spearheaded Balancer which would correlate to ParaSwaps initiatives:

  • Managing Medium, Twitter, Forum, and Discord communities with frequent updates and transparency as to grantee progress, spending, and alignment with DAO roadmap.
  • Partnering with various protocols such as Aura to co-fund grants, further stretching the funds which Balancer governance allotted to the grants team. This has saved the program north of 100k in USD terms already.
  • Working with a wide range of personnel from lead smart contract developers, front end team, data analysts, financial reporting teams, to business development and marketing entities.

To be fair, questioning hours spent is a fair argument. Coming from someone who took over a grants program with just a brief handover it will benefit paraswap greatly to have someone with experience and structure in mind as opposed to starting from scratch. I hope this helps and I am open to field any questions that my comments inspired. Thanks.


This is absolutely important, however I would not classify this as a CFO position for ParaSwap or ParaSwap DAO. I am not proposing to cover financial management for the protocol or full treasury management for ParaSwap DAO (this would be implemented by a professional management firm such as Karpatkey after lengthy community discussion). What I am proposing to setup is a runway based on defined DAO roles, known service providers and other tooling/subscriptions required to operate the DAO.

I understand it’s hard to get an idea of who a person is on the internet and if their experience and skills are suitable. I’m usually one to have my actions and deliverables do the talking for my competence but this was not the best approach coming somewhat unknown to a new DAO and only working with a couple stakeholders behind the scenes! So to correct this, my background briefly:

The firm I work at has setup similar structures for multiple projects including Solana Grants, Seed Club’s Operation and Balancer’s decentralization. Outside of web3, I have a decade of project managing multi-million dollar infrastructure projects, responsible for my own team and 20+ subcontracting firms. Financial management is paramount to successfully deliver complex projects and I have experience in developing and managing budgets from these dynamic projects which I hope to bring to ParaSwap. Long term, I expect a suitable contributor will rise up and take over this budget or for it to be covered under the responsibilities of an emergent service provider.

I hope this helps to alleviate any fears, but please reach out in discord or otherwise if there are particular concerns to discuss.

Given compensation has been a major cause for contention, as a sign of good faith, I offer to reduce this to:
$4,500 USD paid in OP + 15,000 PSP to be locked into sePSP per month for a 3 month engagement. This is to be paid out by the ParaSwap multisig upon receipt of a monthly progress report described above. If this is agreeable, I’ll update the proposal accordingly.