Optimism Grant and Growth Proposal

As most of you are aware, Optimism has recently released its own governance token, as well as growth funding releases to support the ecosystem. As ParaSwap is deploying on Optimism soon, I submitted this proposal onto their forums:

The proposal has three objectives:

  • Fund grants for apps/dApps that use ParaSwap and Optimism
  • Reward DexLib integrations done on Optimism
  • Provide liquidity for a pool with PSP, allowing for a kickstart of liquidity and ability to deploy DAO initiatives there.

Were this proposal to pass, a proposal will have to pass here to match the $OP provided with PSP.

What are your thoughts? Are there any other ways we could incentivise ParaSwap on the Optimism ecosystem?


very good
It will be a good and exciting event, we need to make more progress