PIP XX: OP Grant Application - ParaSwap’s Involvement in Clique’s OP Red Wars


Clique is an Identity Infrastructure protocol building identity oracles, tools that bring web2 user behavior and identity data on-chain in a fully privacy preserving way. It serves two primary goals: establishing more robust reputation and identity systems on-chain, and bridging the gap between value-creating activities in web2 and incentive distribution layers in web3.

Clique is seeking an OP grant of 2,000 $OP from the ParaSwap DAO to sponsor their own prize pool in the competition between protocols in a DeFi Category to maximise cross-pollination of user bases with competitors as well as maximise the capacity to identify power users at the protocol/category level.


Clique is one of the recipients for OP Grant Cycle 14 (Cycle 14: Final Grants Roundup - Grants - Optimism Collective) & we have been allocated 100K OP in order mission to further grow Optimism’s Identity Layer & bring more identity-borne use cases that are advantageous at every stakeholder level.

Clique will be fully disbursing the grant through 4 competitions between protocols that are similar in nature - powered by user attestations, where users would use Clique’s identity infrastructure to push off-chain + DeFi attestations that will be used to ascertain power users for each category/protocol. Competition will be designed in a way to increase:

  • Higher retention rates
  • Cross-Pollination between users of similar protocols/Optimism
  • Identification of power users
  • Targeted growth through user recognisability

To amplify the goals above, we invite each protocol to commit to a prize pool of 2,000 $OP distributed to reward individuals who interact with the protocol.

For a more detailed overview of the competition please see the following document: https://cliqueofficial.notion.site/OP-RED-WARS-Strategy-458671eeeebc428b80fc1b08e371a0d2

Goals & review

Clique is seeking an OP grant from the ParaSwap DAO where the protocol specific action that is indexed will be to stake PSP on Optimism. The duration of the competition is 3 weeks and it will take place in the month of December.

We encourage every protocol on OP taking part in this staking based competition to issue their own prize pools to further drive the identification of power users but also amplify the cross-pollination effect from other protocol’s user-base that will be taking part.

Through the competitive format of the event, we aim to drive more users to ParaSwap bootstrapping liquidity on OP & encourage higher retention.

Moreover, as our main goal is building out the Identity layer of Optimism, the design of the competition will require users to update their attestations to update their contribution for each respective protocols taking part. We aim to get users to push out “DeFi Attestations” on OP’s attestation registry, essentially helping profile each protocol’s & the DeFi category’s power users (e.g. for lending protocols we want to create attestations that help profile a consumer’s preferences when it comes to staking beyond just volume staked but also the APY at the time the user stakes their tokens).

Following that, a big key of our grant proposal is working with Identity Verifiers to essentially enable recognisability of power users through Clique’s Attestations & provide roles on the Optimism Main Discord (e.g. top 10% stakers get a role) essentially establishing another touchpoint with the end users taking part in these events for future UA purposes.

With regards to Estimations of users, our previous initiative - OP Army - had over 59,000 unique users & each protocol we’ve partnered up with has had a minimum of ~10,000 unique users interacting with their dApp. Clique was also responsible for 1.2-3% of all of Optimism’s transaction during the 6 weeks of OP Army & the incentive pool users were working towards was 43,000 OP. This time around, as one of Grant Cycle 14’s finalists, we were provided 100,000 OP & we’re involving as many protocols as possible for each DeFi competition so we’re optimistic turn out will be bigger than ever.


Requested funding is 2,000 OP

Of the requested amount, the 2,000 OP pool will be used to reward participants. We will be distributing 60% of the 2,000 OP to the top power users and 40% in a raffle that will be meritocratic in nature (the higher their contributions based on their attestation data, the higher probability they will win).

Implementation Overview

Clique will provide the following:

  • Organisation of the Clique <> OP Staking Competition
    • Design of Paraswap specific attestations
    • Development of Competition
    • Testing and quality assurance
  • Marketing & Promotion
    • Planning with OP to co-market
  • Technical Support & User Assistance
    • Ongoing technical support to ensure the Competition runs smoothly and any issues are resolved quickly
    • User assistance to help participants navigate the competition and troubleshoot any problems
  • Attestation Feedback Surveys
    • Clique is utilising part of its cycle 14 grant to provide participants a chance to win $OP by filling out a feedback survey. Contributions will be weighted according to their participation which will increase their probability of winning. Clique will provide feedback of the top users to protocols where its relevant to them.

Hey I think this is a fair amount for trying to bring more visibility and liquidity to Paraswap project.

You would have my support in case of a vote.


A good idea.
What are the objectives of paraswap users? Do you have any specific ideas?
The calendar shows a DEX phase in November. That’s fast approaching. Are you already ready to send out the first phases?

How many other dex have responded to the call?
If there are several dexes, will any of them be given priority? If so, on what criteria?

I’m all for it. You’ve got a great commu and it’s in our interest to join this war.

Could we consider a paraswap insert on your site in the “Our partner” section?

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Thank you Bach. Feel free to provide any insights on how we could improve this initiative.

Thanks for your input.

Objectives of Paraswap users will be to stake PSP on Optimism. This is how new/old participants will be able to compete.

There might be some confusion but while Paraswap is a DEX, you would be taking part in the Staking event taking place in Mid-December. Please let me know if you would like to be considered for the DEX event otherwise, Clique is indifferent and would want to best support partners according to their goals.

DEX wise, being fully transparent, I am still trying to get Velodrome involved but other than that, all of them have answered the call.

The layout on our FE will obviously be different according to how many protocols participate but there will be no priorities as we aspire to put every protocol on a equal footing. This is also a reason why I filed for this 2,000 OP grant from ParaswapDAO as other protocols are sponsoring their own prize pools.

And yes absolutely :smiley: we are going through a website re-design but we will definitely add all the partners from the Red Wars on our website

When it comes to the discord functionalities that are enabled, only partners of the Red Wars will have access to this utility (to encourage more protocols to get their user bases involved in Identity-based programs such as this).

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Personally, I wouldn’t mind Paraswap being part of the DEX too.

What will the DEX missions be?

The only downside is that the whole point of our staking is based on the volume done on Paraswap. So this would mean a change between the staking and DEX phases ^^.

Concerning staking on Paraswap. Optimism is a sybil’s nest (IMO) that goes back and forth to take advantage of incentives. But not to take advantage of the protocols. That said, staking as a pure mission is not enough. As explained above, our staking gains are based on volume. So the people who come on the staking mission must also have minimum volumes to do. This will help them to understand the mechanism, to highlight it and to make performance fun.
I’m sure we could work together to come up with more promising missions for Paraswap.

Ah I see - truly appreciate the insights.

The short answer is I have no clear structure for the scoring system for DEXes yet. My main focus is on event #1 (cross-chain) since the date is drawing closer by the day.

But actions will be fairly straightforward - off the top of my head either index for swaps about a certain amount into ETH/ USDC / OP.

I do resonate with what you’re saying, with people joining for incentives and just leaving. Rest assured, we’ll figure a solution to essentially reward longer term stakers & we’re ideating on a way to ensure the system can’t be gamed.

I’m all for Paraswap taking part in the DEX event as well - albeit will probably have to file in a different proposal to sponsor the prize pool for that event as they are both different. Otherwise, flexible to just get the protocol involved for the DEX event.

I think we can definitely look into an individual Paraswap event in the future where we enforce " So the people who come on the staking/swapping missions must also have minimum volumes to do" - as a way to reward long term loyalty. Only concern is thinking of how to implement this in a competition that will have close to a dozen protocols.

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After all, we’re an aggregator, not a dex, so it’s stupid to want to integrate DEX categories.

In fact, to get it right, the staking phases would almost have to come before the DEX phases. And then, the volumes would converge on Paraswap (which aggregates most of optimism’s DEX), and from there you could count the volumes per DEX.
But maybe that’s asking too much ^^.

Must have missed this!

I was considering the order of the events but chose December for the Staking Competition as feedback from partners I liaised with all pointed towards the month being a slower period for DeFi so I figured a more passive activity like Staking would be best suited for it.

In the future definitely keen to hop on a 1:1 to get your thoughts & feedback on how we could efficiently partner up with ParaSwap to meaningfully grow the ecosystem’s identity layer!

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Thank you for everyone’s feedback - Ready for this to be posted on snapshot to be put up for a vote! This suffices.

just in case, votes must be casted as close as Tuesday as possible so next window would be in 5 days and a “temp check” must be done at least 48h befoe the vote is casted.
I think you’re message is clear enough regarding your will to launch the vote and acts as a “temp check”.
Good luck!


Yes, perfect!

Thank you!

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I wrote the proposal above & waited out getting it published on snapshot as our activation got delayed (PIP XX: OP Grant Application - ParaSwap’s Involvement in Clique’s OP Red Wars).

Since then, I heard a vote went through that assigned all the remaining OP to the Paraswap foundation hence was wondering if there was a way we could still involve Paraswap in our OP Red Wars activation scheduled for Mid Dec 2023.

Please let me know!


You can ask the foundation to pay you directly, as it is now the leader in payments for requests such as yours.

We have entrusted them with the funds so that they can be more responsive than the DAO when it comes to funding.
I think that your OP application therefore falls within their remit.

@agrosso @Lup


As always thank you for your comment stikers.


Its important to clarify that according to what was discussed in the PIP-XX: Enable ParaSwap Foundation to facilitate $ARB and $OP incentives, the Foundation is now able to facilitate the funds for grants related to the following purposes: Maintenance of DexLib integrations, Research and Development for solutions to further Decentralize the ParasSwap Protocol and DAO tooling and automation solutions and not on incentives. Hence, this falls out of its scope.

As this post was created and reached a consensus (but not moved into a vote) before the PIP-45 vote passed, the ParaSwap core team will sync with Clique team (@jpegyakuza) and explore non-DAO funding alternatives for this initiative