Dropping special NFT for Coingecko candy collectors & PSP holders as well

I am proposing to mint some NFT’s & airdrop it to the below:

  • Anyone holding more than 3000 $PSP.

  • Airdrop it to coingecko community & coinmarketcap community in exchange of candies & diamonds respectively.

  • Reward $PSP 5 to 50 based on NFT’s rarity.


Firstly, its $PSP and not $PARA…

Secondly, no… i dont like the idea

I would prefer a quizz on coinmarketcap as someone had already suggestif, i liked the idea


Hey mate !
To fully appreciate, the NFT generated would only correspond to a reward amount in $PSP according to the rarity of the NFT?
Rarity which would depend on what?

Could you explain me a little bit how it works so that I understand better?

Thanks in advance!

We will create NFT with 4 rarity level, each increase in level will reward additional $PSP, we will have total 485 NFTs with rarity level as below.

  • SSR - 25 NFTs Reward 50PSP
  • SR - 50 NFTs Reward 35PSP
  • R - 125NFTs Reward 25PSP
  • N - 385 NFTs Reward 10PSP
    Total Cost - 9975 $PSP.
    The rarity of NFT’s will be random i.e 1 SSR, 2 N, 3 N etc. It will be random based on their luck.

Thanks mate, corrected.

& for Holders, special HODLERs NFT drop all same rarity which will reward in 2-5% extra staking rewards.

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