PSP NFT Airdrop Genesis

Paraswap could work with a creator for make NFTs who set the fees free and give some powers (we have to define them). Like Zerion do with them NFTs Genesis.

More your NFT is rare more it’s expensive. The time that you can use the NFT depend about the price, there is a peremption date. For example we can define that the most rare NFT allow absolutly none fees during five years. A common NFT allow 20% less fees and you can use it 1 year only.

Just a copy of the Zerion NFT, maybe good to adapt this system for paraswap. Make money with NFTs, make interrest etc…

A similar idea was discussed in the GRP (Gas Refund Program) : PSP-IPΔ13: Gas refund for Stakers - #41 by sebastien-S3B

Don’t know if the step 2 is planned tho.