PSP-IPΔ24 : Claim and Delegate $SAFE tokens on behalf of ParaSwap DAO

PSP-IPΔ24 : Claim and Delegate $SAFE tokens on behalf of ParaSwap DAO


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Simple Summary

As part of our infrastructure, we use Safe Multi Signature wallets. Some of these wallets have received a $SAFE vested token allocation which will expire if not claimed by the 27th of December 2022.

This proposal requests to claim these tokens and decide on who to delegate the voting power to.


Recently, the Safe multisignature solution has decided to decentralise into a DAO, the SafeDAO. As part of its decentralisation process, it has allocated tokens to some multi signature wallets, such as the ones owned by the ParaSwap DAO.

You can read more about the $SAFE voting power and circulation directly from the SafeDAO forums here.

Goals Means

  • Claim the allocated 5,051.21 $SAFE tokens before the 27th of December 2022
  • Designate a wallet to delegate the tokens to from a pre-selected nominees list.

To decide who to allocate these tokens to, we propose to have delegates nominated in the comments below! Contrary to the usual ‘For, Against, Abstain’ voting options, this vote will have a more granular option to not only whether to claim these tokens or not, but also who to delegate these tokens to!

To make the final voting options as simple as possible, the top 4 most liked ( :heart: ) nominations will be added to the final proposal, as well as an option to claim and not delegate (self-delegate). If two delegates have the same amount of votes for the 4th position, both will be included in the final proposal.

Finally, due to the relative simplicity of the proposal, as well as the need to claim the tokens by the 27th, we propose a discussion period of 1 week instead of the usually recommended 2, that way there is time to claim the tokens after the 5 day voting period is over.

Metrics and Forward Thinking Considerations

The only successful metric is claiming the SAFE tokens before they expire. If the DAO is unsatisfied with the delegation, a new vote could be made to re-delegate the tokens to a new party.

Voting Options

  • Claim tokens, do not delegate votes
  • Claim tokens, delegate to Mona from Avantgarde Finance
  • Do not claim tokens
  • Abstain

This is a time sensitive proposal and as such we need to be swift about it. My suggestion is to have multiple representatives on the SaFeDAO. One representative per wallet. So, if ParaswapDAO has 3 wallets that qualifies then we should have 3 delegates.

Conclusively, we could have the multisig signers take up the responsibility of representing us if it won’t be too much work for them

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Hi this is Mona from Avantgarde Finance (member of the Paraswap DAO).

I’d like to volunteer/propose that we delegate the $SAFE tokens to Avantgarde Finance.

Avantgarde has an active track record acting as a delegate and/or contributor to the following protocols including:

  • Uniswap
  • Compound
  • ENS
  • Lido and others…

We would be happy to look after the Paraswap tokens too.
For more info on the specific contributions we have made and our background:

Also happy to answer any questions here from community members.