PIP38 - Amending the GRP for the Fantom Opera network

PIPXX - Amending the GRP for the Fantom Opera network


Although the Multichain bridge issue affected many different chains where ParaSwap is deployed in, the Fantom network has been significantly affected by this situation.

During the process of the Epoch 6 bridging of PSP for the Gas Refund Program, alternative bridging solutions were found for all networks but Fantom, rendering the distribution of PSP on that network impossible.

This proposal seeks to distribute the 4,475 PSP that were not able to be distributed on Fantom on Epoch 6, on Epoch 7 in Ethereum mainnet in the form of sePSP1. Additionally, we propose future gas distributions on Fantom to be done on Ethereum in the form of sePSP1 until either an alternative bridging solution for PSP is implemented or the new gas refund distribution method of PIP-36 is implemented.

Goals & review

  • To distribute the Fantom PSP gas refunds that were not possible to distribute on Epoch 6, in Ethereum during Epoch 7 distribution and in form of sePSP1
  • To establish guidelines for the future Fantom-related Gas Refund Distributions

Means and Implementation Overview*

As the issue of this PEP is quite focussed, both of these sections can be described with the same outline of steps:

  1. Distribution of 4,475 sePSP1 to users who accrued gas refunds on Fantom during Epoch 6

  2. Replacing future GRP distributions in PSP in Fantom for sePSP1 on Ethereum until either:

  3. Bridging of PSP on Fantom becomes available again (using an alternative for bridging such as Celer) or

  4. PIP-36 goes live for its proportional GRP distribution


I’m in favor of distributing GRP on the chain user stake their sePSP, so Ethereum for now and in the futur Ethereum or Optimism

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Nice idea. Thanks. I’m in favor

Hey everyone, I’m going to start the Temp Check to ensure we have a clear plan on how to proceed for then next Epoch distribution.


This is a straight forward proposal. Distribution in Ethereum mainnet would suffice for now untill a better solution becomes available.