PIP-XX: Renewal of Gas Refund Programme Budget

PIP-XX: Renewal of Gas Refund Programme Budget


The following proposal aims to renew the Gas Refund Programme budget with a total of 45M PSP, as currently we are nearing the end of the former budget from PIP22, and there might not be sufficient PSP to cover all refunds. No other major changes are proposed to the gas refund programme in this proposal.

Goals & review

Since the last renewal of the budget with the PSP 2.0 proposal ( Snapshot) , a total of ~29M PSP out of the total budget of 30 Million PSP has been used for the purpose of gas refunds. This PSP has been distributed more or less at a rate of ~1.1M PSP per epoch, with an exception being during the release of PSP 2.0:

From these figures, we believe that the gas refund programme has proven useful in its current form to attract stakers to continue trading with ParaSwap, as well as encourage new users to engage in our staking and ParaSwap ecosystem.

As we near the end of the former allocations of PSP, we wish to renew the budget for an additional 45M PSP to be distributed. This ensures that we have both enough PSP to ensure distribution in the next epoch, as well as cover for increased staker activity and volumes that we have recently seen.

Finally , we wish to emphasize that due to the time sensitive nature of this proposal, we wish to not propose any alterations to the current refund system, and instead, we can explore a separate proposal for improvements if needed.

Means/Implementation Overview

The means and implementation overview sections have been merged on this proposal, as unlike others they are both identical: Renew the GRP budget as-is with a 45M PSP approval.

If not approved, GovCo might not have sufficient PSP for a timely distribution of Epoch 10 Gas Refund Rewards, as we are nearing the end of the current budget.


Thanks for this proposal.

I support it, it’s look logical.
Btw do we have the % of wallets that got the GRP incentives and sold it / staked into sePSP2 or just keep it in sePSP1?

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Hey everyone, due to having to hit the next distribution, I’m announcing my intention to go to a vote next Tuesday.

Sadly I’m not sure how to do this kind of analysis, but it would be useful to analyse retention!

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Thanks for this proposal.

We now have enough hindsight (10 months) to confirm that the PSP-EPΔ03 adjustments proposed by GovCo in order to fight against sybil addresses is a success.

The figures being stable as it is, I don’t see the need to adjust the gas refund program.

Therefore, I am in favor of renewing the GRP incentives as presented.