DAO & PSP Community - Contributors Overview

Hello swappers,

As you may have noticed, various swappers have been getting more actively and regularly involved over the last few weeks: they are our scribes, mods, content editors & more. With this research post, I wanted to provide a clear and concise resource of the team and (estimations) of the workload to help facilitate further proposals within that scope.

It will help the DAO to better organize and pave the way for the remuneration of contributors if wanted.

Feel free to answer if you feel like someone has been overlooked. I’ll try to add as many details as possible on the contributions of each member/role. For each function, I try to provide a comprehensive overview of the actual involvement (time-wise), feel free to react if you think these estimations are off.


The following roles require constant involvement. Their bearers have to keep track of the DAO on a daily basis and frequently produce deliverables.

Governance Scribes

Estimated involvement: 20-35h / week (half time to full time depending on governance activity).

  • Disiaque: our first scribe, since pretty much the start | Since Nov 21
  • Oxytocin: here also since the early days, | Since Nov 21
  • Dydymoon: who joined in December, and initially focused on the PSP-BPs
    (Dydymoon went through a ‘rush’ for the budget, but cannot commit as much on a daily basis. He estimates his regular availability around 5h/week.) | Since Fev 22

Scribes are here to uphold the governance process and facilitate its continuous implementation. They help DAO participants to formalize their proposals and structure the discussions to best include the community.

Community Recap Editors

Estimated involvement: a few hours of work every week to write/translate the recap + continuous engagement in the DAO to follow its main developments.

  • Dseeker
  • CZHead
  • Albist (French translation)

The ParaSwap Community Recap offers an exhaustive yet comprehensive overview of the events of the DAO, published on a weekly basis.


Estimated involvement: varies with the profiles and the commitment — you tell me? Usually, a given integration takes at least several hours to deliver.

Integrators are developers helping ParaSwap to get more integrated into the broader DeFi ecosystem.

International Moderators

Estimated involvement: depends on the profile / language-specific channel activity

  • Mint,
  • Parsa,
  • Sign
  • MaxFromRussia

International Moderators have been onboarded in the wake of the PSP launch and the migration to Discord. They help to keep their respective language-specific channel free of spam and abuse. A fair share of them also contributed to the translation of the user documentation.


Estimated involvement: depends on the profile / Discord activity

  • DegenFi,
  • JeanBrasse

Some moderators have been with us since the early days, helping the team to keep the Telegram tidy. Most are now also active on the Discord server.


Estimated involvement: depends on the profile and involvement

The evangelist title is open for all to claim, but some have been particularly involved to spread the word about ParaSwap on web2 and web3 social media.

  • Starny
  • Miaki


The following roles do not require continuous involvement from their bearers. Their workload can be heavy, but is sporadic: for instance, the media team has a lot of work to do in the wake of a community call, while the content producers work in rush depending on the documentation updates.

Content Producers

Estimated involvement: Depends on the size of the team and the availability of the translators. Many Content Producers are also involved in other squads, such as Scribes, Governance Gazette Editors, or International Moderators.

The Content Producers managed (autonomously) the translations of the ParaSwap User Documentation in several languages:

  • ES -@Money M @0xYtocin
  • PL - @blin
  • TR - @! iamserdar !
  • RU - @Arrivederci
  • IT - @0xYtocin
  • DE - @linus @eskalexia.eth
  • VN - @Mint | ParaSwap (also international mod)
  • FR - @Albist @Disiaque @Cyrille @Julien @Charles @CZhead

Media Team

Estimated involvement: varies with the profiles, ~5h a week.

  • Linus
  • Djils_cr
  • Professional Llama

The Media team handles all the creative needs of the DAO. So far, the main one has been the recording of Community Calls (handled by Linus), as well as the editing of the video (handled by djils_cr).

The Media Team also included Professional Llama who created our beloved emojis and stickers, as well as the ParaSwap boot animation used during CCs. He also created a ParaSwap slides template.


Estimated involvement: depends on the DAO’s project and news.

  • @Tenzent (Bancor Ecosystem)
  • @Vinshy (Avalanche Ecosystem)
  • @dydymoon.eth (BSC Ecosystem)

Ambassadors are here to help the ParaSwap DAO navigate potential interactions with other ecosystems.

PS: I used the Discord usernames. If you have trouble finding someone mentioned here, look them up on the ParaSwap Discord.


I think it’s a good thing to reward contributors to keep them involved in the smooth running of the DAO.

There are many essential roles that are easily identifiable as you said scribes, mods, content editors but there are also many people vital to the DAO under the catch-all term: evangelist.

As @0xYtocin said, this role needs to be reframed. Since it can be taken by anyone, the involvement of the members in this section is too variable.

Like the scribes, for the most involved, this role is almost full time:

  • answering questions from the community on a daily basis
  • stay informed about governance news
  • fighting FUD
  • making Threads/Article/Videos to explain Paraswap and bring more people in
  • etc.

In the words of 0xYtocin this is a real community manager role.

To know who it is aimed at I propose to look at the activity and the quality of the information brought in the discord (just look at the conversation history), the profiles of the different members in the governance forum, the activity on another media/support whose goal is to evangelize on Paraswap etc.

It’s just to get a global view, but to have an idea of what it represents I think in particular of @Albist , @starny or myself (@Miaki ).
If you correspond to what I described and I forgot you, do not hesitate to manifest yourself.

Looking forward to your feedbacks!

PS: @TokenBrice you didn’t quote yourself but you are also an early contributor with a role as hybrid as an evangelist :wink:


I wish I could be even more involved with ParaSwap but I still feel very proud to be an insider, at my level, in its development. :smiling_face_with_tear: That would probably never had happen without this totally unexpected airdrop and the great support, from the most senior @tokenbrice @Mouph @disiaque.eth … to the last ones @Albist @dseeker @starny like me … thank you all! I still think we re all gonna make it :grin:


In the first summary of the research there was also the question of remunerating certain participants in the governance forum and in particular those who built from the ground up or who were heavily involved in the creation of a proposal.
This is perhaps more difficult to quantify and more ad hoc but I think in particular at @sebastien-S3B that helped me to understand several issues better.
Maybe that makes the scope too big, but I couldn’t see myself not mentioning him because the research and popularisation work he has done has added so much value for me.


It seems fair to me, as you say the amount of work varies.
Thanks @tokenbrice