Add Playtpus Stableswap to AVAX Aggregator

Platypus Finance is a substantial amount of liquidity for stable-coins on avalanche (800M~ USD). Due to their unique AMM model they also create even lower slippage than curve stable pools.

Adding Platypus should prove to lower slippage on trades for not just stable swaps but through multi-path routing.


And too

+++ launch paraswap on arbitrum

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Let me repost the questioning I had for the now archived “Addition of the Alligator Exchange to ParaSwap (Avalanche)” search. The idea was to find out the impact of adding DEX.

"maybe it’s a bit broader than the topic but I would have some questions that would allow me to make an opinion on this proposal:

What are the risks for ParaSwap to integrate a new DEX? Can a DEX be a source of risk for ParaSwap? (I guess not but I prefer to confirm).
Are there any criteria for the integration (or not) of a DEX to the ParaSwap listing?

Honestly I would say that looking for the best rate necessarily requires scanning the DEX offer as widely as possible but there may be aspects I don’t know about:

Risk generated (see above).
Brand image ? (Only use established DEX)
Calculation time (does a large number of DEX make the calculation of the route longer?)

I would say that these last points should not be problematic, but a response from the team would be great to have an informed opinion and better understand how the dApp works."

Following the last community call, I have the impression that this kind of action (integrating ParaSwap on a new network, integrating new DEX to ParaSwap) does not require a vote.

So I guess the team answers directly in the research thread if it is in their plan or not…

Nevertheless, if this kind of topic is at the discretion of the team, for my knowledge I would be very interested in answers to the above questions.

And I stand by my position : If anything, I’m all for integrating as much DEX as possible, into as many networks as possible.

On the other hand, it’s not clear to me if this type of addition allows us to reach our N°1 objective which is volume or if it’s mainly an improvement of the efficiency of the swapps proposed by ParaSwap.

Have a nice weekend!

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I agree with @albist on this. Integrating new DEXes on paraswap can add significant value only when the DEX can offer better prices for a considerable period of time. Integrating new DEXes on an existing chain may not help increase our revenue but consume limited resources that we have.

Instead of that, our focus should be on launching on new chains which, we believe, can take significant chunk of TVL in 2022. This will onboard new users and new trading volume on Paraswap.

I can only agree with you and I ask myself the same questions