Parabridge : Paraswap for Bridge

Hi Everyone

Dex aggregator is a significant market.
An other market is bridge.

If you want to move liquidity from a chain A to B, you have to use bridges.
There a several bridges with different price and time for the same transfert.

There could be a new market for paraswap.

Some bridge aggregators already exist ( and, but if Paraswap is fast to deliver…

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The idea is of course good, but it is maybe better to focus on one thing and to be the best at it.

I think that a good piece of code is already done and could be replicated…
don’t miss the train…

Thanks for the idea!
Do you not think it would be easier for the DAO to work with one of these bridge partners to incorporate us as the main aggregator? We could even provide a grant for this!


Yes in fact, there could be a synergy between Paraswap and Bridge agregator.
Most of Bridge are bridging ETH or USD due to high liquidity.

You want to swap A on BSC to B to Arbitrum, you can split the transaction
1 Paraswap A to ETH or USD on BSC
2 Bridge ETH/USD from BSC to Arbitrum
3 Paraswap ETH/USD on Arbitrum to token B
This can of transaction could need 2 DEX agregator transaction with bridge transaction

I think that these kind of bridge aggregator are using DEX agregator

So are you following this idea?

Anyone in the DAO is free to pursue this idea, the API is open for all. If additional resources are needed from the DAO, then a proposal can be written

Hi and thanks for sharing your idea on the forum!

I’m wondering if it’s possible to diversify at the moment with the fierce competition between the different DEX aggregators.

The search for the best rate seems to be the priority and the amount of work this new path would require seems huge (I’m not technical, I’m just guessing).

This competition is also already important between already installed bridge players (or bridge aggregators).

In this context, it seems easier at first, as mentioned by 0xytocin, to ask the existing players to use ParaSwap for the necessary swaps at the start or at the end. What do you think ?

we need a protocol bridge!