SpotMe- A novel dapp utilizing paraswap tech

Hi All,

This more than anything is a post asking for your support polishing a new product built on top of paraswap technology. Please find info on the project below!

Spot Me is an application that allows users to request payments from other crypto addresses. The idea is to make paying people back easier. When you owe someone money instead of finding their address and transferring tokens to them, now all you have to do is click fulfill and select the token that you want to pay in. The address receiving tokens can still receive in any token that they want.

TLDR: Web3 Venmo!

The app is still in development and this is really an open testing phase. At this point the goal is to gather information on bugs, features that the community would like to see, and any other feedback from you - the community.

We believe that this is a truly novel use of the Augustus swapper technology and more broadly a hole in the web3 ecosystem, that will only become more and more relevant as crypto continues to grow and penetrate peoples daily lives. We are aware that much more work needs to go into it and that’s why we are turning to this community for support.

Links *There can only be two links but the site can be found from either link below!