SHIELD project service proposal

Hello, my pleasure my discord username is: JDSH99#4699 I write on behalf of the SHIELD project I will leave some images here

With these images you can see a bit of what we work with, we are a web3 security project with various


We would like to offer you an audit service totally free

It consists of making a list of impersonators and

helping them keep their project free of scammers,


We will present the list weekly in this section :

#Suggestions-report on discord

We do not need bot permissions or anything like that, we just notify you that we want to support on behalf of shield to find the scammers in your project Would there be any problem in publishing the

impersonators of this project in this section?

#Suggestions-report on discord

I guess not since all users are free to do so, the idea of this is that you as a project know that a project called SHIELD is doing this work by offering you one of Of the tools we offer

This is our website where you could see the rest of the services we offer but as I said we want to give you this service


I didn’t understand anything but it doesn’t seem to be useful.

Also, I don’t like links :smiley:


Thank you for the effort you made to come and make your proposal on the governance forum.

I agree with @stikers in that I have difficulty understanding the proposed service and the benefit it would bring to ParaSwap.

I also invite you to share more classic links like the twitter account.

Now, if the proposed service is a service related to the security of the discord server. I personally don’t see the point of it at the moment given the different means already in place.

Once again, I thank you for the effort of proposal.

Hi a pleasure, I’m JD from the SHIELD team ( you can find us on Twitter as @shield_xyz ) We are a web3 security project with a variety of tools and we would like to offer you for free one of those tools, which would be a weekly audit of impersonators to help keep your discord channel free of scammers scammers etc.

We will only present weekly in the #report-scammers section a list of impersonators that are in your channel.

We don’t need Bot permissions we don’t need admin permissions we just notify by a message the help we are going to offer in your #report-scammers section.

What is the benefit of this that the users of your community are safe and do not fall for scams?

I hope now you can understand a little more

Closing this discussion, as it doesn’t seem to be relevant to DAO governance