Retroactive Airdrop for Missed Swappers

Agree with the idea of rewarding those who bought despite missing the first airdrop. I even think holding it or staking it until now should be taken into account. As for the vesting period I think it is a great idea indeed. No need for people to get psp if they mean to dump it.
If any admin want to check my address I will gladly share it with them.
Thanks for your insight @0xYtocin

Also, on another note (replying a message from @starny above) I respectfully disagree with the idea of how dangerous a 2nd airdrop can be. Paraswap never said they got 100% of the genuine users. They said that because of bots, they decided to select 20k wallets and they are sorry for those who won’t have it. They admitted by saying this than they could not catch everyone.
Doing another airdrop for those who bought afterwards anyway and hold/stake them will be telling everyone that they meant it when they said they tried their best to reward the genuine users. Right now haters are people who felt unfairly left aside. In this case, bots are not in the equation, and those who won’t have it are those who gave up on the project after they did not get the airdrop, so it will be difficult for them to claim it when they did not buy any afterwards.


the price is low enough to make a substantial bag

the emission is already big with the staking
now there are also the LP rewards which are generous

a new airdrop is totally useless, you have to choke this airdrop story and start building forward and not backward

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If it is useless and there is no room for discussion, what is the point of this thread ?
The reason I stayed away from fudding is because I considered the fact that it was hard for paraswap to distinguish people from bots. It is not the case anymore. Bots did not buy and stake afterwards. Telling us to just swallow it is not an option, especially when I promoted it back when mounir explicitly said paraswap is not planning on doing a token. Not trying to find those who were left aside sounds unfair to me.

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it is only my opinion

I suggest you make a detailed proposal with our example of formulation that we have set up

and we will see what the DAO will decide, that’s why this topic was opened, but no one has yet made a serious proposal

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For the proposal, I need to create a space with an ENS address to submit a proposal (unless I am mistaken). Believe it or not, I cannot afford the ETH fees at the moment to add snapshot to ENS. This airdrop was more than an airdrop for many people, me included.

As for our conversation, I am ok with constructive opinion. When you say you think it will be harmful because x,y,z I see it as a constructive opinion regardless of if I agree with it or not. When you say “it is useless, buy a bag price is low” it is not constructive at all.
Everyone can buy PSP now and stake them. Not everyone supported the project before a coin was even mentioned.

As said in the previous message, if you think it should be done, give us all your arguments etc … with a real proposal and it will be the DAO who will decide

here is the link of how to present a proposal (the last message): PSP-IPΔ4: ParaSwap Improvement Proposal Framework - #7 by disiaque.eth

Good evening,

the purpose is to discuss the merits of another airdrop.

This discussion follows a first vote which already took place and which led to a majority refusal (the vote had been created without necessarily being well argued).

1/ I don’t think you need an ENS address to create a proposal and there is ( for now ) no minimum number of PSP tokens to possess to create a vote. After checking it seems that you can’t do it directly, I think it’s to avoid abuse. I asked the question on the discord but I think that if you provide a proposal argued in the official format, it should be able to be submitted to the vote.

2/ As already mentioned by @disiaque.eth , the idea is that the people in favor of a new airdrop work to produce an argued and quantified proposal. (whose form will have been checked by a scribe). This is a necessary step before moving from the PS research to the governance proposal, and finally to the vote. I invite you to move forward in this process to support your request.

I am in a bad position to talk about airdrop in this context because I received it. Now the purpose of a dApp is not to provide airdrop. Providing airdrop is a way to reward users and also to do marketing. It was done as best as possible by the team.

For my part, I am not in favor of a second one. I think that the DAO especially needs actors to set it in motion as you do now on this forum and as you did before the airdrop, as others do on the discord.
It is by maintaining this dynamic that we will reap all the benefits.


Heya Norttone :blush:

I understand your interest in creating a new aidrop! Unfortunately, this is a complex topic that needs to be addressed with a factual argument and metrics: we wouldn’t want to spend DAO’s resources in an unthinking way. In particular, that question must be answered: what budget for what purpose?

Finally, you don’t need to have an ENS name to create a proposal, you just need to come up with an argumentative text with the help of community members.


List in big exchange like binance or kucoin

I also don’t favour on new airdrop for missed users, as we can’t make everyone happy all the time. If some will get airdrop now then again another group starts screaming & spread hatred. So no new airdrop… Instead we need to start burn plan…


No more airdrops. I also missed many which i deserved but what happened happened no move back now. It’s better you use those funds in listing tier A exchanges like binance, kucoin, ftx and huobi. Its waste of time to discuss of next airdrops.

Why can’t we move on from the Paraswap Airdrop topic ? What is the point to do the 2nd airdrop? I have read all the discussions but haven’t found any meaningful reason to do so.
I’m totally against the idea.


I believe users whom are still using the platform, Matic, Avalanche or Eth should be rewarded.

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I use paraswap on polygon, infact it’s because I was trying to bridge Sol from polygon to Solana. I use it and my transaction was about 45 dollars and still didn’t get any psp. Ofcourse I use it once because that’s the time I needed it. So I think many people are excluded that supposed to have get it. Myself is included. In the transaction paraswap reroute the transaction through quickswap and got sol.n

My own suggestions base on this, is of two categories

1: if you want to gain back Ur lost community trust, then try to reduce the criteria u used then and airdrop to Ur old Dex users I think with that they will think you guys have really tried for them and the trading volume and others gonna come up gradually and the price to gonna go up Due to hype made from the old users trust

2: if you just want to reward random people base on that they used Ur dex from nov15 then u are good but U know the end product right, those people gonna dump and the price is still gonna go down to an unimagine level and what u are trying to achieve which is the community trust not gonna be gain

Maybe it is a good idea for the people who got airdrop but its not a good idea for small investors like me.I am already 400% down with my money if you do another airdrop it will be a disaster for psp…so think about investors and hire a good marketing team for marketing also think about good exchanges listing not about airdrop

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My vote is No for sure.


more holders - more TVL, more trading volume. that’s why I vote for an additional drop.

I got a drop in the first wave and haven’t sold yet.

I sold 50 % . 50 % to hold

Hi dear community of ParaSwap. I think all people who interacted with paraswap must be eligible for airdrop.