PIP-43 - Decentralized governance - End of trial period - Reviewed ParaTroopers grant

It’s complicated for me to interact with this post. However, as I’m no longer a trooper, I think I’m relatively legitimate to give my opinion.

Firstly, I don’t understand why XUT and CHAB have a payment for the last epochs but not the others. Everyone continued to be present so no favoritism in my opinion. Either you all get paid, or no one does.

Why did it take you so long to write this proposal? It’s always complicated to ask for money out of contract, when it seemed simple to write what was supposed to be, the Troopers extension?

I think it’s a mistake to mix your profiles in a single proposal. I already told you this when I was still with you.
Not all work is created equal. Making a package is therefore not interesting for DAO.

As things stand, I think each trooper could make a simple but effective proposal to highlight his or her qualities and objectives. Whatever happens, this is the exercise that newcomers will have to go through to join the troopers (they’ll present themselves individually). In this way, the DAO will be able to assess whether past objectives and achievements are useful for the DAO.

So I’m in favor of the program, but against the current structure where we should see you as a whole, while each of you brings something different to the table.