Improve UniSwap V3 Liquidity, Resolve out of range issue Listing PSP on UniSwap

Hello Community,

Listing on UniSwap V3

UniSwap is the second liquidity provider on Ethereum, a listing of the PSP token will give more visibility.
There are still some DeFi users who swap from DEX interfaces like SushiSwap without going through ParaSwap.

Improve out of range UniSwap V3 Liquidity

At the moment the liquidity of UniSwap V3 for PSP Pools is out of range which can make losses for some inexperienced users who use the UniSwap interface directly.
A protocol like ParaSwap cannot ignore the potential users of UniSwap V3, a reinforcement of the liquidity on this DEX is necessary which would also dilute the prices impact during the transactions made through the DEX AG

It will be necessary to study the possibility of setting up the UNI V3 LPs with an extended or unlimited working range through a Smart Contract and an option to compound the transaction fees