Automated workflow for your Dao

We are thrilled to introduce you to SyncVote, your trusted partner in achieving precision, speed, and autonomy in your operations. At the heart of SyncVote’s capabilities is its remarkable ability to execute tasks precisely as you’ve defined them, all without the need for constant oversight from a centralized team. Today, let’s dive deeper into these powerful features.

  1. Precision Execution:

SyncVote empowers you to set up workflows that execute tasks with the precision of a seasoned professional. You define the conditions, triggers, and actions, and SyncVote follows your instructions faithfully. This means that critical processes, such as order processing, data entry, and report generation, are carried out exactly as you’ve designed them, without the risk of human error.

One of truly powerful use case is Automated Fund Transfers:

With SyncVote, you can create automated workflows that initiate fund transfers based on your predefined conditions. Whether it’s vendor payments, employee salaries, or regular bill payments, SyncVote ensures that transactions occur smoothly and on time.

  1. Effortless Workflow Design:

Creating complex automation sequences is a breeze with SyncVote’s user-friendly interface. No coding skills are required. Simply drag and drop elements, set conditions, and build workflows that match your specific requirements. SyncVote simplifies the entire process, empowering you to take control of your operations.

  1. Real-time Monitoring and Oversight:

While SyncVote operates autonomously, you maintain full visibility and control. Real-time monitoring and oversight features allow you to track the progress of automated tasks, review logs, and intervene when necessary. This combination of autonomy and control ensures that your operations run smoothly and effectively.

Thank you for considering SyncVote as your automation partner. We look forward to helping you achieve operational excellence and success.

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Hello and thank you for your interest in the ParaSwap DAO.
Following ParaSwap functionning, what would be the specific use cases you would see fit for ParaSwap ?

Thanks mate for your reply.
Syncvote provides automated workflow for Dao.

Below is some sample of other DAOs on Syncvote

Gnosis: SyncVote App

Monkedao: SyncVote App

No offence, but I avoid clicking on unknown links (at least I try to).
As your Twitter account is still very young, I prefer to remain cautious. But I understand that you have to start somewhere!

I’m sorry but “automated workflow for your DAO” is a vague, catch-all word.
Could you describe in more detail the service you’re offering in relation to the ParaSwap DAO needs you’ve identified?

For reference, it seems the user has shared identical messages in multiple DAO forums, here are just two archived examples:

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Let me give you an example: Paraswap governance process has 3 step: proposal, voting, execution.

Normally, you will do this:

  1. Go to discord to raise a discussion
  2. Go to forum to create a post, mentioned that the post has been discussed somewhere
  3. Go to Snapshot/Realms to create a proposal, mentioned that the proposal has been passed in forum. DAO Admin will share the link to governance channel to notify member that a proposal has been on air and waited for their vote.
  4. Some people notice, some people not. Sometimes DAO admin is active, sometimes he is not. Sometimes passed proposal will be executed, sometimes it will not.

That is really long and boring process. People need to learn all the rule, while jumping back and forth multiple platforms. On the other hand, DAO Admin needs to do the same things everyday, while community lose track of what is going on.

Meanwhile on Syncvote, you create a default governance process from Day 1, and when each step need vote/pass/fail, community members will receive notificationand execution will also be carried out automatically

Yes, because we provide Dao tool, so we are here for every Dao.

Thank you for these clarifications. In fact, today (as in most DAO) there are 3 main media:

  • the discord
  • the governance forum
  • snapshot for votes

Today, the central platform is the discord, and automated tools and processes have already been put in place to relay and centralise (in the best sense of the word) information:

  • a discord bot automatically relays snapshot votes on the discord and facilitates direct voting.
  • governance discussions are relayed to the discord (which I think could also be automated via a bot).

This is just my opinion, of course, but I think that discord is a good tool for the community to exchange ideas and that the solution is to group all the data together there.

I’m not sure that adding a fourth platform, on top of the three that already exist, will really simplify life for the DAO.

Automating DAO processes yes, adding a new platform no. I’d prefer us to work on improving what already exists before imagining changing everything.

Of course, this is just my opinion, and it would be interesting to get feedback from DAOs who are already using your tool.


I agree with you, discord is our central point to exchange ideas, informations and keep in touch with everything that is happening on ParaSwap.

The arguments you give are a necessary evil if DAO is to be optimal.

It wouldn’t be a good idea for uninitiated, uninformed players to start voting, because we’ve automated principles that require users to carry out research in order to be as accurate as possible.

Automation has its limits for a dao. As @albist says, we’ve already semi-automated all the reminders, from the start of the reflection to the launch of the votes. So thank you for your proposal, but as it stands it doesn’t seem very interesting for us.

With pleasure

Thanks Albist, new tools are created everyday either to substitute/complement our current situation, So I know there’re many Dao tools out there, but it doesnt mean we shouldnt open for new innovation :slight_smile:

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agreed, as long as the innovation makes the flow simpler.

With the little information we have at the moment, it’s personally difficult for me to see that your solution, although presented as innovative, will add anything to the DAO flow.
But that’s just my personal opinion, of course.

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yes, if you look at the link, you will see how simple the flow is. Is there any other way I can send you the link?