PSP-BPΔ1-6: Grants budget (6.05M $PSP, 2.54% budget)

Key words
Community involvement, Rewards, Improve ParaSwap decentralization

Simple summary
This proposal is about to start a Grant program to fund ideas submitted by the ParaSwap community with a focus of bringing more dev skills to the ParaSwap DAO. It could also be used to reward community members that handle a proposal from the idea to the execution with micro grants.

This proposal will help support the community work and external projects building on top of Paraswap.


  • Provide resources to fund community ideas/projects/involvements

ParaSwap DAO can allocate 2.54% of the yearly budget to fund growth and community initiatives with a grant program. Starting a grant program can help increase the involvement of the community and can be very useful to sponsor or participate in projects, integrations and initiatives from DAO members.

  • Grants. Dashboards, additional dev work help, project funding etc

ParaSwap DAO could elect a grant committee that would check if the requirements for the funding requests are met and help the members/projects to create the proposal.

Depending on the feedback and votes on this proposal, there will be a full proposal about the Grant program.

The proposed budget is 550K $PSP/month max.

Voting options

  • Accept the Grants & Micro-Grants budget (6.05M $PSP, 2.54% budget)
  • Refuse the Grants & Micro-Grants budget (6.05M $PSP, 2.54% budget)
  • Abstain
Should we allocate a budget for a Grant program ?
  • Accept the Grants budget (6.05M $PSP, 2.54% budget)
  • Refuse the Grants budget (6.05M $PSP, 2.54% budget)
  • Abstain

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