PIP35 Creating DAO-specific information transmission channels


The following proposal aims to create several media for the DAO Paraswap (Mirror, Lens/twitter) as well as a multi-signature portfolio for future publications on these networks. These will have an official scope for the DAO and therefore need the approval of the whole DAO for their implementation.

Goal & review

After more than 2 periods of reflexion and work, we realised that we had very few means of communicating with the DAO. More generally, the DAO has no way of conveying relevant information.

  • For example, many DAO members carry out research and/or create threads on Paraswap, but no official DAO Paraswap body exists to relay these goldmines of research and information.

  • The Troopers, for their part, have no direct channels for addressing the DAO. In fact, we’re keen to share fun and attractive content every month, in particular to provide summaries of the progress of the protocol, income and any work we’re working on.

  • We would also like to make any announcements/snapshots/proposals from the DAO more legible. By using media such as twitter, any member could be warned if a topic is being discussed on the forum or a vote is active.

We would therefore like to create several media

Twitter ParaswapDAO

Objectives :

  • Relay ongoing snapshots

  • Relay researchers and/or proposals

  • Relay DAO figures and data on a regular basis


Objective :

  • To create a weekly article or when we have enough content to do so

  • To provide the DAO with a clear and pleasant follow-up of the organisation’s evolution

  • We will aim to provide quality content as regularly as possible


In order to set up these media as efficiently and securely as possible, we will need to meet a number of requirements

  1. We are going to create a multi-signature wallet. This wallet will be signed by Troopers. Being a Trooper will be a necessary element to be part of the multi-sig. The immediate effect of a Trooper’s resignation or ousting would be the revocation of his presence in the multi-signature wallet. In the same way, the recruitment of a Trooper would immediately make him or her a signatory. ((@Xrivijayan, @Xutyr, @Albist, @dseeker, @stikers, @Bach)

  2. We must also obtain an NFT LENS profile. Without this, we cannot create a LENS profile to link Twitter to it.

  3. We need DAO approval to name the various Twitter/mirror/LENS media ParaswapDAO, and understand that these will be held by the Troopers in place.

The aim is to be operational by the end of epoch 6/7

Voting Option

  • For

  • Against

  • Abstain

Snapshot Vote Requirements

Minimum vote time: 5 days


Effective communication is key for the overall success of any organization. It is a needed tool to allow the public to easily understand what an organization stands for and what they intend to achieve in the future.

As the Paraswap DAO evolves in it’s activities, it is indeed pertinent to communicate even better and in a more organized manner.

That said, instead of creating a new communication channel on a platform where the protocol already has a footprint (Twitter), I beleive we could work with the core team to use the handle to better serve the DAO just as proposed for Medium.

I do not think Paraswap has a mirror account so the Troopers could create that. Kudos to everyone that worked on this.

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Good idea :wink:

Those Gov com channels should be accessible from the UI also. At least a link to a linktr.

I would vote for a “ParaswapDAO” twitter.

The fact that the Medium isn’t updated since almost a year, maybe we can handle everything on one solution. Having to many solution would be not user friendly.

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Hello and thank you for this proposal,

ParaTroopers were created to be champions for ParaSwap with a mission to further the decentralization of the protocol. In the first discussions between ParaTroopers a few points stood out:

  • Facilitate access to certain information and improve transparency
  • Highligh DAO results and advantages
  • Facilitate DAO and protocol understanding

In this context, I agree with you on the initiative of creating specific media for the DAO’s communications needs and managed by the DAO (in the decentralized and autonomous sense).

Marketing / communication and I don’t mix well, so I’m not going to comment on the content of each media but rather on : “how to choose communication tools and how to manage them so that they are managed by the DAO and not by a group of pre-selected people” (as much as possible).

As I was given an example, if we define an owner for the DAO’s Twitter account, the DAO will be dependent on that person’s goodwill. What if this person is not good anymore?

So I think that for each communication medium we propose to create, we’ll need to establish rules and a process for managing the associated medium. To avoid any individual-related problems.

I don’t yet have a clear vision of how each of these tools is managed, but if you give me the time to do some research and see how other organizations work, I can fill in the points below or propose alternatives:

  • Twitter
    TweetDeck for sharing. Notion of account ownership?

  • lens
    The alternative (less scope for now), but in addition, is managed via an address → multisig management?

  • medium
    To be analyzed

  • mirror
    Wallet management, mult-sig ?

  • user doc (gitbook/notion)
    This support has not been mentioned above, but it is currently difficult to make changes/updates to the user doc or help center.
    The creation of a specific doc for DAO, governance processes, etc. would make this information more accessible.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that completely decentralized management may be utopian at this stage and with the tools at our disposal (non-existent, too heavy in terms of management, etc.), but we must make the effort to propose solutions to the DAO that won’t lead to future problems affecting the DAO’s public image.

After all, that’s what we’re talking about - the voice of ParaSwap’s DAO.

EDIT: oh and @stikers my friend, it’s PIP now, you cant get rid of the Δ. You’re welcome (;

Hi stikers,

As discussed previously in the paratroopers channel, in the current state I do not believe this has to be put up for a snapshot vote, and putting it up for an official vote does little other than cause confusion for future DAO contributors

The vote does not address the PSP token, changes for PSP staking or even DAO procedures and resource allocations. At best, it already falls under the paratroopers pilot, which has already been approved for by the DAO, and this proposal makes no changes to it… Even if it follows the PIP system, the proposal itself just setting up an account with 6 signers which are currently paratroopers. It makes no mention about whether being a paratrooper is a requirement,or whether members will be on-offboarded depending on their status as troopers (which would tie it more to the DAO infrastructure).

While I appreciate the wish to make this symbolic vote, it sets a confusing precedent for future actions for anyone that wants to help contribute in the DAO. Future collaborators may be mislead into believing that they require rubberstamping to create their own independent content similar to this one.

As suggested previously, I advice if you want the general opinion of the DAO to make a poll, be it on twitter, discord or on the forums.

Thanks again for your initiative, and I look forward to seeing it go forward! I have nothing but support for it, the point of my post was more on whether this belonged as a vote.

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Thank you Oxy for your feedback. Always comprehensive and constructive.
It’s true that we briefly discussed it at Troopers. However we were far from consensus :blush:

In the first instance, it’s important to me that things are square.
By assigning the Troopers as signatories, we are committing ourselves and taking responsibility for the content that will be posted.

I’m going to clarify the need to be a Trooper in order to be a signatory, and the fact that not being a Trooper cancels this possibility. Thanks for making me think about it, we can feel your professionalism in the writings. :blush:

As a second step, I need to get myself a Lens profile, this will only be awarded to us if we show up with a public DAO vote. I remind you that we can no longer obtain one so simply.

Thirdly, we want to use the name ParaSwapDAO and be relayed by the main account. This is unequivocally with a person from the dao who would share his or her knowledge of Paraswap independently.

Finally, I think that Troopers’ actions that will have a long-term impact on the DAO should be voted on by everyone.

I don’t really understand the notion of possible confusion. The vote is clear, as is the proposal.
People can vote on a wide variety of things. We follow the model, we present a “problem” and its solution. It seems right to me that it should be voted on.

The DAO paraswap is often criticized for its lack of transparency, in figures, writings and so on. I think that a page of transparency is opening up with Troopers and that it’s interesting to put some of our potential ideas to the vote.

I remain open to dialogue with the DAO until Tuesday, and I thank you for your feedback, which is always constructive and fun to read.

Thanks a lot for your fast reply! I will go through it now:

With this clarification, I think that it’s a lot clearer why this proposal has to go to the forums! It is adding a new responsibility to the troopers, and requesting a new allocation of responsibilities fo the paratroopers pilot.

While it is true that the (previous) version of the proposal followed the PIP protocol , it is important to make sure that every proposal relates back to the main mission of ParaSwap DAO, that is, to vote on changes to either the Protocol, the DAO itself, the PSP token,or its related tokenomics.

Even if something can be put to a snapshot vote, adding more edge cases that do not relate to these core missions will inevitably confuse people on the core needs of the DAO. Think of cases like frontend and pool deployments made without DAO resources, these are permissionless and do not require DAO vote, but they could still be put for a symbolic vote. However, by doing this a newcomer to the DAO might believe that they must do a vote for them to be ‘allowed’.

Here are some ideas that I suggest could be made before the vote date to clarify why it needs to go up for a vote:

  • Adding an abstract (which currently is absent) that summarises the thoughts that have been shared on the comments about lens/communications/the role of the DAO troopers. This makes anyone quickly understand that it;'s a DAO-structure vote, and requires the implicit request of DAO resources for a lens handle.

  • Adding an implementation overview where votes can clearly see the steps required by the DAO. Setup of a multisignature wallet composed of trooper members, approval/request of a Lens handle, explanation of the safety features that are going to be needed

Once these easy-to-understand deliverables are added, I think this idea is much more ready to go for a vote!


I’ve taken good note of your comments. I’ve gone back to the proposal in its entirety, trying to make it totally legitimate for a vote.

There may still be a few things missing or some of the wording may have been a bit haphazard. Don’t hesitate to let me know what you think.

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Great initiative, having a DAO’s centric medium of communication is needed as it’s very complicated right now for investors to be up to date on what’s going on without spending hours/week on the Discord.

Mirror (with a multisig) is perfect to get all the detailed history of what happened on ParaSwap DAO, for new potential investors as well as investors that are not present on discord which is extremely time consuming and almost impossible to follow if you’re not a hardcore DAO member.

Twitter (via Lens) is also a perfect tool to get quick updates/notifications about ParaSwap DAO.
I think that instead of using @ParaSwap Official account to communicate about the DAO, we would use the @ParaSwapDAO twitter account and if the Core Team finds that it’s an important one, they would retweet it with the @ParaSwap Official account.

This will allow the DAO to communicate on stuff that maybe the Official Account which is property (if I’m not mistaken) of ParaSwap Fondation can’t communicate about (where it triggers legislation related informations) and also remove some workload of the core team.

Overall I’ll support this proposal.


Hey @stikers @0xYtocin, Tomas from Messari! I just saw that you were considering creating a Lens profile for ParaswapDAO.

We actually partnered with Lens to assist with distributing profiles to protocols that don’t already have them. If you’d like to create a Lens profile for Paraswap, we would be happy to pass along the following information to the Lens team:

  • An EVM-compatible wallet address.
  • An associated email address.
  • Your social media links.

Hope you find this useful, feel free to DM me!

Updates on Creating DAO specific Communication Channels

Following the passage of this proposal, the DAO entrusted the ParaTrooper initiative with the task of creating communication channels as specified in the proposal (Mirror/lens and Twitter). As a publicity member of the initiative, the task to accomplish this goal rest on my shoulder. After several attempts at creating Mirror/Lens accounts, including reaching out directly to the team, it became apparent that creating the said accounts as specified in the proposal is not possible right now.

Mirror for instance does not support the use of multisig to create account and minting of Lens profile still requires white-listing by the Lens team.

In view of the situation, something needed to be done to achieve the goals of PIP-35. I therefore created a Twitter and Medium accounts for the DAO to begin with:


The two accounts shall be used to publicize the activities of the DAO; to advocate for the Paraswap protocol and; to promote and market PSP token.

The monthly newsletter of the DAO, Paraswap DAO RECAP and the Paraswap Weekly Review shall henceforth be published through the Paraswap DAO medium account stated above.

Also, as part of our advocacy and promotion efforts, the launch of the communication channels marks the rebirth of PSPArmy.

Members of PSPArmy include all the current ParaTroopers, Oxytocin and volunteers that reacted to the earlier introductory message. A new channel shall be created specifically for this course.

Any interested DAO member can still join the PSPArmy by interacting with a message/link to be posted later.

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