PIP- 41 : Grant application : Institution onboarding of Cobo Argus into the Paraswap ecosystem

Thanks guys. The snaphot post is the same and still lacks clear objectifs for month 1 and 2.

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Request 15,000 USD (paid in sePSP1) to cover the development effort to implement the test integration of paraswap aggregator in Cobo Argus.
This amount will be distributed across three payment tranches aligned with specific objectives:

  • An initial payment of 130,000 sePSP1.
  • A second payment of 200,000 sePSP1 one month later.
  • A final payment of 200,000 sePSP1 two months later.
  1. 130,000 sePSP1 will be paid upon the approval of this proposal and will serve as initial funding.
  2. 200,000 sePSP1 will be paid in the second month, contingent upon Cobo’s publication of a PR article in collaboration with Paraswap , successfully listing PSP token in Cobo Custody and Cobo Wallet, as a measure of success.
  3. 200,000 sePSP1 will be paid based on the deployment of the Paraswap aggregator in Cobo Argus during months 3 to 4 and achieving a minimum volume of 200,000 as a measure of success.

Hello everyone !

We are thrilled to announce that PSP tokens is officially available on Cobo Custody and Cobo Wallet.

We have released a PR article on
1 .Cobo’s official Twitter : https://twitter.com/Cobo_Global/status/1730164538069369121
2. Cobo website : Cobo Partners with ParaSwap to Enhance Digital Asset Mgmt

highlighting our enhanced capabilities, including full PSP token support. Users and investors may now store and manage their PSP tokens, with full confidence in security and accessibility.

Additionally, we have seamlessly integrated the Paraswap aggregator into our Argus claiming bot and withdrawal bot.

This integration establishes ParaSwap aggregator as a default choice within Cobo Argus’s Claiming bot. By identifying optimal prices across various liquidity pools, ParaSwap guarantees that Cobo Argus’s bot consistently conducts swaps at the most advantageous market rates, minimizing slippage.

We express our gratitude to the Paraswap community for endorsing this successful integration. This accomplishment is a significant step that extends DeFi accessibility to both institutional and individual clients.

Our next focus is to foster growth in swap volume.

Once again, thank you.

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Thanks for the update and great job

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@Lup When will the second payment be made?

Regarding to third objective, we aim to provide Volume metrics for the Paraswap aggregator. Could you specify the method you employ for tracking this information? Is there a referral link or any particular approach to validate that the volume originates specifically from Cobo Argus?

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This address will be used to receive payments from ParaSwap.