Permit - 712 signed token approvals

while putting limit orders, paraswap request to unlock the source crypto.
this approval is visible under etherscan > tokenapprovalchecker as an approval given to AugustusRFQ

There are some other well known swap website, which have already moved to Permit - 712 signed token approvals


under the Permit - 712 signed token approvals, the assets which support permit function, do not need a an approval which is displayed under etherscan > tokenapprovalchecker. And that is gasless approval too.

user can put limit orders with source currency as the one which supports permit function gas less along with the approval.

Paraswap should start using Permit - 712 signed token approvals for the limit orders.

Please note that it is quite possible, a token allow permit function on one chain but not another.

This implimentation should come with regularly updated list of tokens which are following
supported permits on Ethereum
supported permits on BSC
supported permits on Polygon
supported permits on AVAX
supported permits on Arbitrum
supported permits on Optimism
supported permits on Gnosis chain (formerly xDai)
supported permits on Fantom
supported permits on Aurora