Swaps through Flashbots

I would like to make the following proposal as a feature request into Paraswap

Allow swaps through flashbots to prevent front-running of trades.

Affected users
Low liquidity → high slippage pools are most affected by front-running

How it will work
We can add a new button in the Transaction Speed section as Flashbot. Users who want to execute through flashbot can choose this option

Existing solution
Etheremine private RPC and Flashbot RPC can be added to metamask and used to broadcast private txns. But if we integrate flashbot tx into Paraswap UI, it will improve the user experience for traders.

I believe more than launching on other chains, we should think deep on what kind of features users will expect in the near future from a dex aggregator. Instead of following the trend (everyone is launching on other blockchains), we should be building for the future. Thats where the most value creation will happen not only for the stakeholders but also for the whole web3 ecosystem.

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Welcome to the forum. I’ve been thinking something similar (anything to differentiate paraswap from other aggregators). Happy to hear feedback from the team regarding this.