PSP-IPΔ Creating DAO-specific information transmission channels

Keyword :

Twitter DAO,, Medium

Authors :

@Albist , @Xrivijayan , @stikers

Simple Summary :

To make the DAO more autonomous and dynamic in the transmission of information.

Context & Goal :

The arrival of the troopers marks a real desire to advance the DAO of Paraswap.

Today, it is obvious that it is complicated to find one’s way through the announcements/snapshot/evolution of the DAO

Furthermore, we feel it is important to make the DAO more dynamic by presenting regular articles about epoch’s income, the DAO’s treasury or any other information ensuring the transparency of our organisation.

We would therefore like to create several media

Twitter ParaswapDAO or Troopers ? I let you give your opinion in comments

Objectives :

  • Relay ongoing snapshots

  • Relay researchers and/or proposals

  • Relay DAO figures and data on a regular basis

This platform seems to meet our need for fast/clean and efficient sharing.

Objective :

  • To create a weekly article or when we have enough content to do so

  • To provide the DAO with a clear and pleasant follow-up of the organisation’s evolution

  • We will aim to provide quality content as regularly as possible


Medium is a tool that allows a project to share its big updates, and successes.

It already exists but has not been updated since 9 July 2022.

The idea is to work with the Core Team to write articles about technological advances or important goals of Paraswap

Objective :

  • To write new content, more important and advanced than those of the allowing potential investors to understand the evolution of Paraswap without going to search the DAO/discord/forum/etc.

Implementation :

The whole of these media would be managed by the Troopers (except for the Medium which would be in collaboration with the Core Team), they will have missions to feed them as often as necessary.

The aim is to be operational by the end of epoch 5 ? 6 ?

Voting option :

  • For
  • Against
  • Abstain

Snapshot Vote Requirements:

Minimum vote time: 5 days


Effective communication is key for the overall success of any organization. It is a needed tool to allow the public to easily understand what an organization stands for and what they intend to achieve in the future.

As the Paraswap DAO evolves in it’s activities, it is indeed pertinent to communicate even better and in a more organized manner.

That said, instead of creating a new communication channel on a platform where the protocol already has a footprint (Twitter), I beleive we could work with the core team to use the handle to better serve the DAO just as proposed for Medium.

I do not think Paraswap has a mirror account so the Troopers could create that. Kudos to everyone that worked on this.

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Good idea :wink:

Those Gov com channels should be accessible from the UI also. At least a link to a linktr.

I would vote for a “ParaswapDAO” twitter.

The fact that the Medium isn’t updated since almost a year, maybe we can handle everything on one solution. Having to many solution would be not user friendly.

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Hello and thank you for this proposal,

ParaTroopers were created to be champions for ParaSwap with a mission to further the decentralization of the protocol. In the first discussions between ParaTroopers a few points stood out:

  • Facilitate access to certain information and improve transparency
  • Highligh DAO results and advantages
  • Facilitate DAO and protocol understanding

In this context, I agree with you on the initiative of creating specific media for the DAO’s communications needs and managed by the DAO (in the decentralized and autonomous sense).

Marketing / communication and I don’t mix well, so I’m not going to comment on the content of each media but rather on : “how to choose communication tools and how to manage them so that they are managed by the DAO and not by a group of pre-selected people” (as much as possible).

As I was given an example, if we define an owner for the DAO’s Twitter account, the DAO will be dependent on that person’s goodwill. What if this person is not good anymore?

So I think that for each communication medium we propose to create, we’ll need to establish rules and a process for managing the associated medium. To avoid any individual-related problems.

I don’t yet have a clear vision of how each of these tools is managed, but if you give me the time to do some research and see how other organizations work, I can fill in the points below or propose alternatives:

  • Twitter
    TweetDeck for sharing. Notion of account ownership?

  • lens
    The alternative (less scope for now), but in addition, is managed via an address → multisig management?

  • medium
    To be analyzed

  • mirror
    Wallet management, mult-sig ?

  • user doc (gitbook/notion)
    This support has not been mentioned above, but it is currently difficult to make changes/updates to the user doc or help center.
    The creation of a specific doc for DAO, governance processes, etc. would make this information more accessible.

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that completely decentralized management may be utopian at this stage and with the tools at our disposal (non-existent, too heavy in terms of management, etc.), but we must make the effort to propose solutions to the DAO that won’t lead to future problems affecting the DAO’s public image.

After all, that’s what we’re talking about - the voice of ParaSwap’s DAO.

EDIT: oh and @stikers my friend, it’s PIP now, you cant get rid of the Δ. You’re welcome (;