PIP-XX: Utilizing Aura Finance to bootstrap PSP liquidity on Optimism

I read that during the time of the discussion + vote, Aave took the OTC deal

We didn’t vote for OTC deal

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Any news about this proposition accepted ?


I deplore the lack of news. The DAO accepts proposals after many discussions. But no one is keeping us informed of progress.


This proposal was accepted by governance, it took a few weeks, especially after the holidays, for the ops to be in place. Actually the plan is rolling out starting today


Thanks Figue.

The DAO as a whole is unaware of the extensive data and actions required to implement this proposal.
Transparency is desirable so that the DAO understands how the proposals voted on are progressing or not.

Good things take time :slight_smile:

Of course. Incentives will be deposited monthly on Quest (Jan. being deposited today), the GovCo will hold the PoL, claim the tokens, send BAL & OP rewards to Mean Finance in order to be DCA’d into PSP and then distributed monthly with the usual ETH. Considering this, sePSP2 holders should start yielding results from the strategy on the February distribution (in 7 weeks).

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