ParaTrooper Nomination - Xutyr

Name : Discord: Xut (Xut#1019) / Forum: Xutyr / Twitter: @FabienC_dev

Overall intro

I am a French guy 30 years old, with an IT engineering degree. I also have a master’s degree in management.

Level of professional experience:

  • Chief Project Officer on a Technical support service for 2 years (for CapGemini)
  • Solutions Architect for Capgemini, for more than 1,5 year
  • Freelance developer for more than 6 years (including 2 years in the Web3)
  • Co-founder of an eSport solution to help gamers to level-up and find partners/teams. The company was sold in 2019.

I started to learn about the blockchain and the crypto ecosystem in 2017, first as an investor, then as a developer.

Today I’m a full-stack freelance web3 developer, mainly for DeFi projects.

Involvement with ParaSwap to date

I discovered Paraswap in 2021 and I use it since.

My main contribution so far is to support the Discord community with a strong engagement. More recently, I’ve been actively participating in the DAO discussions.

I have also been participating to StakeDAO & Blackpool Discords, in order to help newcomers and people to understand and use the protocol.

What value do I bring to the ParaTroopers / ParaSwap DAO

With my technical, management skills and experiences, I have a very significant background that could highly benefit to the DAO and ParaTroopers:

  • Technical discussion / feasibility (it was a part of my solutions architect job)
  • Technical support / documentation / process (it was a part of my technical support job)

Vision for ParaSwap

My main goal as ParaTrooper will be to help the team to focus on the main product and the core value of the project.

With this aim in view, I will assist the team on different subjects:

  • Helping newcomers to use Paraswap, like helping the integration of new partners.
  • Writing technical documentations and process, and integrate new DEX if needed.

How I uphold the principles of ParaSwap DAO’s Code of Conduct

I’m in line with the code of conduct that is full of respect and transparency.

I also want to precise that my contribution will be in favor of the protocol, and not in favor of my personal interests.

As a freelancer, I manage my time as I want, so I can be very flexible regarding my availability.

I think I have answered to everything. If you have any questions, feel free to ask :slight_smile:


Hey Xutyr, thank you for this well thought out nomination!

A technical resource would be of great value to the ParaTroopers to build out the team’s broad expertise and it’s good to see you have been getting involved in the ParaSwap dev channel assisting with queries. How versed are you with the ParaSwap codebase? Is this something you are comfortable giving support and assessing proposals at this stage, or if successful, would it assist to be introduced to core ParaSwap devs to further develop this specific knowledge?

Is there anything in the ParaSwap documentation you have seen that needs any attention or improvement? Are there any roadblocks for devs/users that would be a good first grant idea for a team to take on?

With the development of the ParaSwap grants program, grantees will need some technical assistance from time to time. Is this something you see yourself being able to assist with to reduce the load on ParaSwap’s core team and speed up some of these queries? Or to be a resource to better understand and communicate teams’ issues to the core team or others?

Regardless of the final form of the ParaSwap grants program, applications will require some technical assessment of feasibility and usefulness. Is this something you would like to be involved with and does your experience speak to this skill?

Hey @Burns thank for the questions :slight_smile:

I’m starting to be very familiar with the ParaSwap codebase that is open source, specially the paraswap-dex-lib one. As I had integrated and maintaining the integration for one of my client.

I’m comfortable providing integration support (since it’s mostly open source stuff and already doing it on discord if I can).
For the evaluation of proposals, I’m also confident as I can work upstream on its feasibility and integration. I’m already in contact with @mwamedacen from Paraswap, having direct contact with dev will be like my previous solutions architect job.

What I see is that documentation is here but sometimes not easy to understand (maybe example missing). I feel that since 1-2 weeks their is more and more support requests on dev side

Currently a team that handle open sources support and PR would be really nice. Taking the paraswap-dex-lib repo example with almost 40 waiting PR. I think it’s urgent to treat them as more dex integrated = more router path = more best price = more volume.

For me this point is handle by the support provided above for project integration. But ofc some point could be specific is that case must be discuss with the team directly.

I can help on the feasibility side, however the usefulness it’s a point that the ParaTroopers team can defined as the goal is always to bring more volume through the protocol.

Long story short, all your questions relate to my previous jobs at Capgemini :sweat_smile:
The question will be the time that will be required for this and the human power (1 dev will not be enough depending of the volumes)
If some devs read this and you want to be a ParaTrooper, you should apply haha

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