Paratrooper Nomination - Stikers

I’m going to open the Trooper candidature ball! Not without an ounce of pride and apprehension.


So let me introduce myself for those who don’t know me yet. I’m Thibaut, but many people know me as Stik-ers/discord/telegram, Stik/Twitter, or simply the PP monkey for those who can’t read.

Present in the Cryptocurrency world since 2021, I discovered Paraswap like many via its massive airdrop when the token was launched. At the time, DEFI was not on my list of concerns. So it was in March 2022 that I started to look hard at Paraswap. I then researched further to understand the essence of this protocol and the future it tends to build. I liked it, a LOT and that’s why I’m here today.

In real life, I am a 28 year old real estate investor. I have a building to my credit with 6, soon 7 flats that are used for seasonal rental. So I’ve been living off my income for some time now. However, I remain very close to my clients and retain full management of my business.

This is why I am posting this application today. I have a few strings to my bow that will make me an ideal Trooper.



When I was 18 years old, I was the manager of a restaurant with 150 seats and I had 6 people under my control, today, 10 years later, I employ 2 people in my company. This is without doubt the most sensitive and complex part of my job. Humans are full of inconsistencies and feelings. You have to be firm sometimes, understanding sometimes, neutral sometimes. I have learnt and am still learning to navigate in the murky waters of management. However, I am pleased that I have been able to keep my team for over a year now without any turnover in a job that is nevertheless unloved: “housekeeping”.
This management experience would be a real asset in team relations at Paraswap.


I am always looking for optimisation. Process optimisation, user interface optimisation, price optimisation. Once a product has reached its apparent final stage, I continue to look for areas to improve. This constant research and monitoring ensures that we are never left behind by the competition or market developments. You should never fall asleep on a product that apparently works, and with me, there will be no sleep phase, I guarantee it.

A force of proposal

To stay in tune with the market and the clientele, you have to propose first. And I love that! You’ve already seen it on the forums or internally, I propose, I study, I rework.
It’s not always relevant, but it has the merit of raising questions which then lead to something relevant and effective.
This strength of proposal sometimes brings me up against walls of opposition, but that doesn’t matter because the important thing for me is to participate and generate traffic.


So I bounce around with this little known quality. I like to say that I have no ego. It may be fun to read but it’s important to accept that I’m wrong. I’m very often right (in the second degree), but when I’m wrong I’ll admit it. Not being in ego is a strength for those who want to dialogue with others. Because you can be transparent with me about what you think of my ideas, my proposals, my way of communicating without offending me. Just like a business, I am constantly on the lookout to adapt to my audience in order to be able to dialogue with them as best I can.


I’m a fan of dialogue. I’m insatiable about discussion and sharing, and I’ll never stop explaining, arguing, and arguing again, to help the new and ageing community understand the direction Paraswap is taking.
I am already regularly present on Telegram, which is clearly my playground, or on Discord when @Albist has not yet made a response.
I need to constantly share my knowledge to shed light on the grey areas. Transparency is a key element of success for me.

Cost Killer

My job IRL today is to reduce my costs. I analyse, extract and optimise. The importance of a cost lies in its ability to bring you more than it costs you. This has become a credo for my business, and I will pass it on to Paraswap.


The greatest wealth in this world, the real currency, the element we all have in common, is time. And I have time. I don’t have a schedule, so I can devote myself to Paraswap at any time in case of emergency, schedule calls in the morning for the evening. It took me 4 years to get this time and now I would like to spend it on things I like, Paraswap being one of them.

Money is not a motivation

Of course, troopers will be entitled to their gratuity. This is logical, because the time they devote to Paraswap deserves to be rewarded. However, you should know that this is not a motivation for me. If I don’t like the atmosphere, the way of working, or any other element of the Troopers, I will gladly give up my place. My goal is to be part of a strong DAO team and to help the community and Paraswap grow.


Paraswap has shown its determination to move the lines with its V2. In a crypto world where inflation and “dividends” with native tokens are legion. Paraswap has decided to take a radical turn, a turn that is in my eyes, the crypto world of tomorrow. As a precursor of a new way of working, it goes without saying that there is a lot of misunderstanding and even vehemence. But it is clear that the Paraswap teams continue to build in the background and that the DAO is more active than ever to solve the potential abuses that appear with this V2. Paraswap is going fast, Paraswap will go far and I will do my best to make Paraswap the first Aggregator on the market. The objective is clear, if tomorrow someone talks to you about an aggregator, it is Paraswap that will come first in your mind.

I won’t make any comments on the Paraswap code of conduct. It is purely and simply respect for others. I have been fortunate enough to be raised with respect for others, and I will be true to my values, should you make me a Trooper.

As you can see, I am a motivated and motivating person. I like thinking, discussing, sharing and helping others. I am part of what we love or hate, but I rarely remain indifferent. However, the important thing today is to choose people who will be able to lead Paraswap to the top and I am qualified for this quest.

Do not hesitate to react by asking me questions under this post, I will answer you with joy.


Loved this section ser!


Motivated contributor, full of ideas, super active on the Telegram to help newcomers, I greatly support your application as ParaTrooper :+1:


Congrats on this passionate and thoughtful nomination! There are some clear skills and attributes that would make you a valuable addition to the ParaTroopers. While this initial creation of ParaTroopers is general in nature and roles will emerge over time, are there any specific roles within the DAO you see yourself gravitating towards?

Nice question. Simple in appearance but complex in substance.

I believe that in every team, it is important to have a generic person.

A person who is able to understand each sector, each specificity, not in its entirety but in a coherent whole.

A person who knows how to use words to popularize, to neophytes and to experienced people. A person who can bring a partial but coherent expertise to any field in order to bring additional reflection and opposition elements.

A person who understands the interests of the core team, while integrating the needs of users, savers, small holders and large ones.

Example: I had proposed with @enerow during the proposal of the V2, the integration of trading levels according to the amount of PSP staked so that a small holder can also benefit from a Paraboost at the height of his involvement (not retained but maybe we will resume research in this direction?)

The DAO will need a multi-hat person. I have always been a leader, not in the egocentric sense of the word but a leader in the entrepreneurial sense.
Never worn out, always looking for answers, never short of ideas, never short of time and constantly questioning myself in order to bring the best solution to the requests and to be able to exchange with anyone in spite of the possible oppositions.

In today’s world, it is not only experts who manage companies, but also people with the ability to adapt and understand the company as a whole.
Understanding the needs and work of a material handler repairing your Porsche mechanic’s deck is just as important as understanding why your Porsche mechanic is asking you for that specific wrench to work with.

You will never use the wrench to reassemble the engine, but you know that it will be a substantial part of your mechanic’s, and therefore your business’, success.

I see myself as a bridge in a DAO, a person that any “expert” can consult for feedback, opinion, opposition.

This understanding of the world/ecosystem that surrounds me will make me the ideal asset in terms of branding, link with the community of users, stakers but also between troopers.

Moreover, I have no doubt that the first Troopers will not be the last and I will not be among those who persist if I do not find my place in the Troopers team. Moreover, my only judge will be the DAO as a whole and I will respect their choice if they exclude me even if I think I am doing a good job.

I hope I have succeeded in dispelling your doubts about the utilities. If they remain, do not hesitate to rephrase and I will answer again with pleasure.


In my opinion, you have the most important qualities for this position :

  • time :timer_clock:
  • motivation :muscle:
  • human relations skills :people_hugging:
  • a taste for improvement/optimization :gear:

For these reasons, I’ll support your application. Good luck!


I appreciated your presentation where we see a real asset for the protocol in your person.
It is true that you are very present on the discord and the telgram and also force of proposal and you often bring new reflection around the project.

It’s an application that I support with pleasure


Your presentation, skills and ideas of proposals make me also support the application.