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My name is Abayomi. I am known by many as Dseeker (Lens: dseeker.lens; Discord: dseeker#7811; Telegram: dseeker4you; Twitter: airdropseeker). I am 34 years hold, married with 2 wonderful kids. I hold degree in civil engineering and have a combined work experience of over 10 years spanning across sales/marketing and construction industry.

My quest for knowledge and curiosity brought me into the crypto space in 2018 and I have been a crypto enthusiast and investor ever since. I stumbled upon Paraswap in 2021 via Twitter and decided to try it out. Upon its usage, I became convinced that the product would fill an important vacuum in the industry. Few months down the line, my commitment and interaction with the protocol was rewarded by the Paraswap foundation. This gesture of the foundation further strengthen my love for the protocol and inspired me to get more involved with the newly formed Paraswap DAO.

What do I bring to the table?

People Skill
When I was 24, I volunteered to manage a small startup that distributes and markets fast moving consumer goods (FMCG). I had just graduated from the university at the time and had very minimal experience. I offered to take the position without pay untill the business became profitable. This was a job that required me to work 8 hours a day, 6 days a week. My motivation for assuming the position was something no amount of money could buy. It was an opportunity to have a first-hand experience and learn how the world of business works. It took 2 years before the business became profitable and in that 2 years I did not receive any salary but I was motivated and knew failure was not an option. That job was my life for over 5 years and laid the foundation for everything I have learned about running a business today. During my time as the manager there, I landed a major partnership deal with a multi-national manufacturing company and leveraged the opportunity to grow the business from one small outlet to 3 outlets and a ware house. One thing that stood out for me as a salesman / marketer was my persuasive skills and ability to relate with people.

Management of Resources
As a civil engineer, an integral part of my job is understanding and interpretation of technical documents and translation of the information therein to a workforce comprising of other professionals, artisans and unskilled labours. I must also ensure efficient management of capital and human resources for the actualization of the objectives of the project within a stipulated time frame.

Coordination and Communication
During my days at the university, I was the assistant general secretary and later the general secretary of a campus based organization. This organization stood for justice and helped to shape the orientation if it’s members through lectures, tutorials, seminals, workshops, advocacy and publications. The organization had numerous achievements and was revered by even the school management. All of the achievements of this organization would be impossible without proper coordination and effective communication. I learnt that valuable lesson and acquired the communication skills I now have today while serving as an executive member of the organization.

If cashflow is the blood of any successful enterprise, then marketing is its life line. Effective marketing has 5 cardinal points that must be properly aligned for best result. They are often called the 5 Ps of marketing, which are:

Product (Paraswap protocol and PSP).
People (Paraswap team and Paraswap DAO).
Place (DeFi).
Process (Forum discussions, Proposals, Votes, Implementation).
Promotion(Paraboost, staking rewards, gas rebate, fee sharing, retroactive rewards).

Paraswap is without doubt a great product with capable hands behind it. There is a well defined process for new additions and changes. Likewise, mouth-watering incentives to attract and retain users. With a team of dedicated Paratroopers in place, I beleive more people will discover the Paraswap ecosystem and propel the project to greater heights. My demonstrated understanding of principles and intricacies of marketing drawn from years of experience, reading and workshops is an indispensable weapon an ideal ParaTrooper should have in its armory.

My most cherished asset as an entrepreneur is the ability to decide what to do with my time. For me, working in the sales/marketing industry, construction, and serving as a Paratrooper all have one thing in common, which is serving humanity by finding solutions to some of the daily human needs…that is what makes me an entrepreneur. This mindset of serving pushes me to ask questions like what else can be done? How else can the task at hand be achieved? Which solution brings about the best result and how best can new ideas be communicated? Asking such questions reveal perspectives that were not previously considered. Deeply hidden beneath such questions are the best solutions to tackle any given problem. I am in absolute control of my schedules and If selected as a Paratrooper, I will dedicate a lot of my time to the Paraswap DAO.

Paraswap was my debut into DeFi and remain the project I have committed most time to till date. The following has been my contributions to Paraswap DAO:

Unboarding of new DAO members and answering questions of new protocol users on Telegram and discord channel of the DAO.

Co-editor of the ParaswapDAO CC Recap: A community published newsletter of the ParaswapDAO that highlights the growth of the protocol and activities of the DAO.

Frequent forum contribution to discuss, debate, develop and improve proposals before they are submitted on snapshot for vote.

I was one of the few DAO members that worked with UMA team to discuss the possibilty of adoption of UMA KPI options as a performance tool to measure the performance of proposals of the DAO.

Frequent participation in votes.

Active promotion of Paraswap protocol and PSP through my Twitter handle @airdropseeker.

Paraswap under the leadership of it’s founder Mounir has transcended from a personal DeFi tool to compare prices of Dex to an indispensable tool trusted globally by some of the biggest brands and individuals in the industry.

Like Martin Luther king, I too have a dream. I dream of a future where Paraswap becomes an household name globally… a future where Paraswap is synonymous to “safe and effective digital asset swap” just like Google is synonymous to “search” today. That future is possible and achievable.

The Paraswap DAO’s code of conduct is clear and simple. To me, it means respect, orderliness and safety. These 3 points are important to create a friendly and peaceful work environment for all. I shall respect the view of others by listening to other people’s opinion and views and meintain orderliness.

My successes of the past have mostly been accomplished through trying, learning, failing, trying again and never giving up until success is achieved. I know the task at hand is enormous and there will be hurdles along the way. I take solace knowing that I have years of experience to draw from and like minded individuals to work with.

Please give me the rare opportunity to serve us all as a ParaTrooper. Thank you for taking the time to read this submission. I look forward to answering your questions.


This is a strong application!

What role did you take in these publications? They were a comprehensive summary of what was happening in the ParaSwap ecosystem and made it easier for people to follow along without reading multiple sources. Would you be looking to reinvigorate these Community Recaps?

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Thank you for your response. As you have rightly said, the Paraswap CC recap was a comprehensive summary of the activities of the DAO and protocol growth which allowed average users and DAO members to easily follow up on the DAO and protocol’s growth without the stress of digging up information from multiple sources.

The publication was co-edited by myself and @CZhead. We usually highlight the topics to be discussed in the publication together and then we decide who works on what. We occasionally get help from other DAO members too.

If my application is accepted, reviving the recap would be one of my core contributions among other things.

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I believe in u Dee :face_with_monocle: :sunglasses:

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Thank you for the vote of confidence.