ParaSwap Delegates Introductions

Vote delegation is now available for ParaSwap governance! This post is a centralizing resource where all community members who want to publicly call for delegations can introduce themselves.

To keep this as clear as possible, please keep the reply for delegate application only.

Make sure to provide some information about who you are, what you do, what’s your vision for ParaSwap and how you picture your role of delegate without the governance structure.

How to delegate?

You can delegate directly from the ParaSwap Snaphot.

Looking forward to see who will rise to the occasion and the platforms you will come with.


Hey Swappers!

I’m officially presenting my delegation application.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned in crypto, it’s that the best way to learn is to really get involved! So it’s only natural that I present myself to you.

Who am I / What I do

I’m a French native in love with DeFi and freedom. I made my weapons on the BSC, Polygon then Ethereum (like in an MMORPG I gained more and more xp)

Paraswap user, I was not aware of the potential airdrop. I was surprised to learn that I was one of the 20,000 chosen! Such a selection automatically drew my attention and I started to dig more and more the protocol, the famous rabbit hole.

I share my thoughts in the form of a thread in French on Twitter and in English on

My vision for Paraswap / Contribution as delegator

Paraswap is an amazing protocol that is here to stay for decades. That’s where I stand.

Many people have trouble seeing the big picture of the project but that’s where my strength lies: being an Hopium Maker!

Paraswap is more than a DEX aggregator and this is what I try to show through my reflections.

Concerning the governance, I will support all the proposals that will allow to reach the objective and the vision of Paraswap: be the best decentralized execution platform!
As a delegate, my role will also be to make governance fun and to include you as much as possible in each proposal.

I will use my public address to handle the delegations:

Are you with me, Swappers ?